Ryan Grant Is Right to Hold Out

Jack MeoffCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2008

Ryan Grant needs to be paid. Pay him.

He's under contract.

To be a back up. He got promoted.

He should be loyal to the team.

The team will cut him when he breaks down. This is a business.

He should honor his contract and play it out. Then he will get his money.


Football plays hell on the body. I know high school players whose knees are tore up from playing linebacker for two years on varsity, or whose backs give out once a month because they played fullback for ten games their junior year. I know 35-year-old men that get out of chairs with the same aches and pains of men twice their age.

How many former NFL players are crippled? Johnny Unitas struggles to hold a coffee cup. Earl Campbell couldn't walk on his own by the time he was 40. The league chews players up and spits them out. On top of that, contracts aren't guaranteed, except for star players. Even then it's usually less than half. So if a guy getting paid the minimum gets hurt, what's he going to do?

Ryan Grant is a running back. The most destructive position in the world's most destructive sport. He has a small window. Five, maybe six or seven years to make as much as he can in the league before his body can't take it anymore.

If he's successful, the man will be waking up with aches, pains, or worse for the rest of his life. He shouldn't just do it so I can make a few hundred measly dollars playing fantasy, or some Packer fans can enjoy themselves while searching for hypothermia.

He should be paid. He should be paid well.