Ramon Sessions Is Shipped To Cleveland, Delonte West Heads To Minnesota

Matt RavidaCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2010

The Cavaliers could have had one of the worst free agent summers in the history of the NBA's free agency.

The Cavaliers loss the face of their franchise, LeBron James to the Miami Heat. Now, with LeBron heading out of Cleveland, what is left for the Cavaliers? Who really wants to sign or demand a trade to the LeBron-Less Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers have no leverage or benefits to offer to free agents, other than that they have a chance to score the ball now that LeBron is gone. But who really wants to play on a rebuilding team, that well does not even have the young talent that the other top young rebuilding teams?

To this date before the trade the Cavaliers have added two players to their roster. Rookie Samardo Samuels, and 2009 first round pick, Christian Eyenga.

Though Eyenga, I think is going to be the Rodrique Beaubois of next season, he is not going to change the Cavaliers. He has the ability to attack the rim at a high level and finish at the rim with contact. He just needs to improve his consistency around the three point stoke and the mid-range jumper.

Samuels has a big body frame that he uses very well for his benefit. Banging down low to battle for the boards. He has good soft hands which allow him to score easily around the basket.

Other than those two acquisitions, the Cavs have lost LeBron, Zudrunas, and the Big Shaq Diesel. 

Now, recently the Cavaliers have traded Delonte West and Sebastian Telfair to the Minnesota Timberwolves, in exchange for Ramon Sessions and Ryan Hollins, as well as Minnesota's 2013 2nd Round pick.

West has been struggling big time off the court with personal issues. Though his stats are not that terrible. I think a change of scenery could be good for West. (Though, Minnesota does seem like the team, since they said they will waive him).

Telfair has been a journey man his whole career, but has never been given his chance. He will make his second stint with the Wolves.

As for the Cavaliers, the big prize for them is Ramon Sessions. Sessions is a very good point guard in my eyes, and could be a good addition for the Cavaliers. But now it just all depends on what they will do with Mo Williams? Move him to the two position?

Hollins is a big man who is not afraid to battle with the bigs. Hollins is still 24 and is still developing. He averaged career highs in point and rebounds last year, as well as minutes played. So if he is given a chance, you could see the Hollins making and impact for the Cavaliers.

With this acquisition, it does not put the Cavaliers in the playoff hunt by any means, but at least they are able to add some talent to this disgruntled roster.