NBA Rumors: Why Taking Emeka Okafor Is No Brainer To Secure Chris Paul

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NBA Rumors: Why Taking Emeka Okafor Is No Brainer To Secure Chris Paul
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Ok, hear me out on this one. If you're a long time long time suffering Knick fan, that has lived through and survived this past decade of inept actions at Madison Square Garden then you should be on the band wagon of not only taking on Emeka Okafor and his remaining 4 years/$52 million but yet encouraging the Knicks to fly him into NYC first class. This is an absolute no brainer if it means landing the league's best PG. Chris Paul changes this franchise in so many ways that it's scary to think that this is still lingering in the mind of Donnie Walsh . He is a natural, pure point guard with the ability to make everyone around him better. Take a look at what he did for Tyson Chandler a few years back and then envision him breaking down the court after a long rebound and lobbing the ball in the air to a flying Amar'e Stoudemire who jams it home and rocks Madison Square Garden. Below are a list of the reasons why the Knicks must make this move:
1) For the first time in years, and I state YEARS, we have a true superstar who has listed the NY Knicks as a top choice of destination. Bringing Paul to NYC instantly makes the Knicks a contender in the Eastern Conference. A deal consisting of Wilson Chandler , Rony Turiaf, Anthony Randolph , Toney Douglas and Eddie Curry's expiring contract will be enough to bring in Paul and Okafor. This is the best potential trade from the aforementioned teams that Paul has considered and a better deal then Orlando can offer, aside from the fact that neither they nor anyone else will take back Okafor and his contract. The Knicks are desperate for success and have the flexibility to make this happen. They must win now. They must show a fan base that their wait and continued support is being rewarded. They must show that losing Lebron doesn't mean brighter days aren't ahead. They must show their desire to land the best PG we have seen in this city since Walt Frazier .
2) Carmelo Anthony is not coming. We can forget this fairy tale dream as he will not turn down a 3 year, $65 million extension with the new CBA looming. Do not believe the hype and all the stories linking him to NYC and about the "hometown kid" the end it won't happen. This is a business. Trust me.
3) Why is everyone so down on Okafor anyway?? Two years ago this was one of the best up and coming stars in the league. Has he diminished that much? He is a rugged, athletic and productive big man just entering his prime who BLOCKS SHOTS! Have the Knicks had a shot blocker here in the last decade?? Unlike others, I view the upside of Okafor as catching lightning in a bottle and I think a move to NYC would do him well. Bad contract or not, he makes you better and we've absorbed a lot worse contracts in the past decade.
4) If I was to tell you the day after the Knicks were snubbed by Lebron that the opening night starting five would consist of Chris Paul, Kelenna AzubuikeDanilo Gallinari , Amar'e Stoudemire and Omeka Okafor wouldn't you have taken that in a second? This potential starting five makes the Knicks extremely relevant again and a team that can contend in the Eastern Conference. A mid season trade to move newly acquired PG Raymond Felton can potentially land a piece that you could be missing in January or February.
5) Chris Paul is getting traded, whether you believe it or not. I am not convinced that one meeting with New Orleans brass has convinced the all star guard that the organization is ready to win. What could they have possibly told him that they are doing to improve the team? They have no money and no cap space. The current team has some good talent but in the Western Conference they are not a serious threat. All today's meeting did was take the story out of the press and keep it in house. Chris Paul will be traded as he wants to win now and has made that very clear. The seed has been planted in his mind about joining forces with another superstar, or two. One meeting won't change that. Don't be fooled. Chris Paul will not be in a Hornet uniform on opening night. You can take that to the bank.
Bottom line, take on a bad contract (which you have had no problem doing in the past) and change a franchise forever.

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