What Ever Happened to: Felix "The Cat" Potvin?

Darcy FullerCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2008

            Look familiar? Well he should.

 Felix Potvin, drafted 31st overall by the Maple Leafs in the 1990 entry draft. Potvin didn't waste much time as he took over the number 1 position in the 91-92 season. Without looking back, Potvin quickly grew popular as the Leafs were once again on the right side of the tracks...the winning side. But once the wins started to diminish, it was also "The Cat's" turn to diminish as he was traded to the Islanders for Bryan Berard.

   Over his 14 year career Potvin played for 5 teams. The Maple Leafs, Islanders, Canucks, Kings and the Boston Bruins. Potvin fell off the radar after his time with the Leafs as he was moved around and didn't quite produce. Finally the Kings gave him a shot. With a great run throughout the season and continued into and upset over the avalanche in the playoffs, "The Cat" was back. Or was he?

  Question is this: Why, at the age of 35 would potvin retire? In his day he was a premiere goaltender. Well here's the thing, 15 years ago the Nhl was not as stacked with fresh young  talent as there is now. Being the age he was it was time to hang the skates up. No body wanted Potvin as there number 1. Most teams have hit the developmental stage by then. So that being said instead of sitting on bench and filling in the #2 position, Potvin decided he was done.

   For Leaf Nation he was defiantly missed once he was gone. But he will also be greatly remembered as one of the best goaltenders the leafs have ever drafted. Do you think Potvin will ever wander back to the Maple Leafs, even though it will be in coaching or  management? I believe so. Toronto was his home and left a mark in his heart. Mark my words "He'll Be Back"