Justin Bieber and The Top 10 Canadian Sports Fans

Tim WoodSenior Writer IJuly 27, 2010

Justin Bieber and The Top 10 Canadian Sports Fans

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    Yes, that is the Biebs in the flesh.

    Turns out before he went all "Oh Baby Oh Baby", Justin Bieber was quite the talent athlete up north of the border.

    The minute he realized the signature haircut was going to get in the way of his rink vision, he had to make a choice.

    Canadians would say he turned his back on just aboot the greatest sport in the world. His bank account tells us he made a pretty smart call.

    Bieber is just the latest Tim Horton's-loving celebrity Canuck who has shown a love for sports.

    Here's our top 10 favorites.

10. Alex Trebek

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    The "Jeopardy" host and fakest looking 90-year-old on the planet has been known to sit courtside at the Staples Center for a basketball game and has taken in his fair share of L.A. Kings games.

    He's made numerous on-air friendly sports wagers with Regis Philbin.

    We love you, Alex. It's just that nobody looks that pristine at 85.

9. Estella Warren

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    She is a native of Peterborough, Ontario who had a fling with an American celebrity in the early 2000s when someone said, "Hey, she's too hot not to be in film."

    And they were right. The only problem is she just couldn't act.

    We gave her ample chances, with key roles in "Driven" (is that an oxymoron?) and "Planet of the Apes", where she actually made Mark Wahlberg sound smart.

More Warren

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    Hey, if we want to show more Estella, we'll show more Estella.

    She's been relegated to such direct-to-DVD fare as "Blue Seduction" and "Web Cam 3D", but that doesn't take away her athletic prowess.

    When she was 12, she moved to Toronto to train for the Canadian national synchronized swimming team.

    She's been a huge fan of Olympic swimming ever since.

    And we've been a huge fan of yours. It's time for the comeback. "Driven 2" anyone?

8. Keanu Reeves

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    He's been seen at his fair share of sporting contests, usually linked to some film promotion.

    But you can't tell me Mr. Whoa isn't a sports fan.

    After all, he's a two-sport on-screen star, as a QB in "The Replacements" and a diamond gem in "Hardball".

    We're sorry, ladies, only hot women and The Biebs get multiple slides in this extravaganza.

7. Matthew Perry

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    He was trying to shove hockey down our throats every chance he could in his "Friends" days.

    Perry, a dual citizen with a dad who was a Canadian, seemed to be on a one-man crusade to make hockey the U.S. big thing in his late-'90s heyday.

    Soon, he realized his war was futile and faded into fan oblivion, playing every celebrity hockey game he could.

    Dude, you got screwed over with "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". That show was solid. Too bad NBC seriously blew that to shreds.

6. Evangeline Lilly

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    Oh Kate, we miss you already.

    Don't even tease us with the thought that you're retiring from acting.

    There must be a vehicle to peek your interest and keep you taking fantastic photos like this where it looks like you're playing QB.

    Imagine the glee a center might feel if that got all up in his junk under center.

More Lilly, Please

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    OK, we digress. Lilly has become a football fan but her first love is hockey.

    She once said in an interview that she would have married Don Cherry if she could.

    Instead, she opted for hockey star Murray Hone, a former husband.

5. Jason Priestley

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    The former Brandon Walsh was such a fan of auto racing that he was made an announcer on ABC's Indy 500 coverage one year.

    Priestley started on the celebrity racing circuit but actually began racing legit rallies and Indy Car Series races until he crashed his car into a wall going 180 mph in a 2002 practice run.

    He's also an avid hockey fan and is a regular on the celebrity hockey circuit.

4. Kiefer Sutherland

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    Jack Bauer has been a diehard hockey fan since his days as a Lost Boy.

    Some of his more drunken public incidents have taken place at hockey games.

    And in his more sober moments, Sutherland has been one of the more physical players at the celebrity hockey games.

3. Mike Myers

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    Myers has made his love of the Toronto Maple Leafs a very public thing, even working the Leafs into the plot of his 2008 megaflop "The Love Guru".

    We give him an A for fandom though. Myers was once in the top 30 of an ESPN ranking of the top celebrity sports fans.

    He's also been known to hit the ice for a celebrity game or a little glad handing with a rising NHL star.

2. Elisha Cuthbert

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    The former foot model rose to fame with small roles in "Old School" and "Love Actually" in 2003.

    Come on, we all fell in and quickly out of love with her as Jack Bauer's daughter on "24". But she tried her hand a plenty at big-screen success with roles like a former porn star in "The Girl Next Door", a cult fave that will someday be celebrated for christening a whole generation of boys into puberty.

The Sloppy Sports Connection

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    No matter what you thought of "The Girl Next Door", it's roles like these that allows Cuthbert to pay off her primo season tickets with the Los Angeles Kings.

    Cuthbert is a diehard hockey fan and renowned hockey WAG. She's currently dating Maple Leafs star Dion Phaneuf.

    Her most famous run-in with a hockey star was with former beau Sean Avery, who got suspended for his comments regarding Canadians taking his "sloppy seconds"—a dig at Cuthbert and Phaneuf.

1. Justin Bieber

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    Rarely have we ever seen such versatility on the sports field than we've seen from Bieber in the last few days.

    Photos have surfaced that start to explain The Bieb's inexplicable prowess with the ladies.

    I mean, the teen is getting Kim Kardashian in a borderline hot sweat over him all over Twitter.

    These photos prove that Bieber could be her fourth sports WAG hookup.

The Transformation Begins

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    Instead of bulking up like most hockey players, Bieber just got taller and thinner.

    That led to photos like this, where he looks a little awkward with the big pads and the teeny weeny head.

    That doesn't mean we like you any less, Biebs. Your live performance on "SNL" was one of the best musician performances on the show in years. (I'm not joking. He actually sang without lip synching. It was refreshing.)

Here Is Why He Is Number 1

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    More than a few colleagues will quuestion how you could possibly keep Cuthbert out of the top spot.

    For Bieber? Really? Really.

    Call it a lil' man crush, but he's like a mini Tom Brady. The guy's a triple threat.

    Singer, hockey player and, as we see here, soccer star in the making.

    Ah, maybe this explains the Kardashian fascination. She did have a thing for Cristiano Ronaldo.