KOSTAS EVANGELIOUContributor IJuly 26, 2010

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - OCTOBER 11:  General manager Theo Epstein of the Boston Red Sox sits in the dugout before game two of the American League Championship Series against the Tampa Bay Rays during the 2008 MLB playoffs at Tropicana Field on October 11, 2008 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

     The Boston Red Sox these past couple of years are suferring from Theo-tosis. This is a disease that strictly targets the special people like the fans and ownership of this great city we like to call Boston. Mr. Epstein has giving us slogans such as "low risk, high reward" and this year he has blessed us with "run prevention".

    I cant help but, state the obvious and it all starts with 3 words and they are.." ARE YOU SERIOUS?" This guy has been giving the free pass because of a couple of championships that he gets credit for and simply doesn't deserve it. I will not get into that in this article however, I can explain to the less fortunate who want to argue with me on that topic.

     The Red Sox this year have done everything but, prevent runs and everything but win basically. Boston and the ever so amazing Theo are faced with the questions of do we sell? do we buy? or does the ownership finally give up on man who has cost them more money on awful signings?

     I am true FAN of my Red Sox BUT, I will not sit around and be a hand puppet like the ownership is to this IVY league overrated GM of ours no longer.

     I guess Boston has a little more work cut out for them in the future other than a demolished bullpen, and awful timely hitting.