Is Howard Johnson a Goner For Another Johnson? Lamar Johnson?

Keith BennettCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2010

 The Mets need a wake up call and rumours are spreading that Howard Johnson could be gone. The team is not hitting a lick or not playing good baseball at all. The Mets management stand pat on getting rid of Minaya and Manuel. The Mets seem like that might happen until after the season. The Mets batting average on the West Coast trip was .195 and they batted .154 (10-for-65) with runners in scoring position. It a shame that Mets coaches must take a fall. HoJo is a popular Met from the 1986 team. The Mets want to can Hojo for the team blunders. The Mets might reassign hitting coach Howard Johnson  for minor league hitting coordinator Lamar Johnson. He has been the Mets minor league hitting coordinator for the past six seasons. The Mets need to make a trade for some new players who could hit.