SS New York Mets Is Foundering

Norm Misrok@puckman4Contributor IJuly 25, 2010

What do the following men have in common: Edward Smith, captain of RMS Titanic; Captain James Cook; and Ferdinand Magellan?

They all lost their ships. 

So, as the SS New York Mets is foundering, the attached photo to this article illustrates the two main culprits, Captain Freddie and Chief Engineer Omar, shaking their hands for another job well done. 

It is the responsibility of these two that may have made the Mets irrelevant, even before August. The road trip that was just finished with a 2-9 record will quite possibly further discourage Mets fans (and I am an ardent Mets fan) from spending our hard earned money to watch a franchise that simply cannot get out of its own way. 

From misdiagnoses by the medical staff, to overrating/underrating players, not spending the money they do in a wise manner (i.e. Jason Bay, Ollie Perez, and a long sad list of others), and building a stadium where flyballs go to die, the Mets—and I am depressed to say this—are truly a second-class organization. 

Moreover, the captain's son, the first officer, is clueless. This was definitely in evidence when he chose Kazuo Matsui, the great Japanese league player, over Jose Reyes, who was moved to second base. 

Additionally, there is enough blame to be passed around with the on-field personnel, but not including the manager or the coaching staff. They can only do so much, but the failures on the field rest solely on the players' shoulders. They are the ones who have to execute on the field, and the coaches can only do so much to prepare them. 

Unfortunately, Jerry Manuel may face the axe with some of the coaching staff, but the players will still collect their checks and smile all the way to the bank. 

It seems like there is no pride or fire on this team, and that is because of the "Cupcake Effect," brought on the return of Carlos Beltran.  He is soft and divisive in the locker room, and in no way any kind of a leader. 

The lack of getting key hits, driving in runs, and playing fundamental baseball falls solely on the players.

Some leader, this David Wright. He needs to stop being politically correct and tell the truth. If you go position by position—possibly with the exceptions of Angel Pagan, Ike Davis, and Josh Thole—a problem can be cited, without a clear solution. Finally, this team was deflated upon Beltran's return.

We can go on and on when identifying the problems the New York Mets have, but when push comes to shove, it all begins at the top. Sadly, Captain Freddie will not sell the team and then pass it on to Jeff. Joan Payson and Gil Hodges must be spinning in their graves. 

I cannot wait for hockey to start. Thank you for the NHL Network.