Where Will "The Winds Of Change" Lead Us?

Atobe KeigoContributor IIJuly 24, 2010

One day I was watching NXT and Matt Striker in his typical geek style of talking told Wade Barrett to talk about wind. I myself there was like “are you freaking kidding me”. But I was smart at that moment because I actually listened to what Wade had to say.

 He made a simple topic as “wind” into an amazing promo. He referred to it as The Winds of Change and from that moment on I knew that Wade Barrett would go great things in the WWE. Now I’m going to talk about this because if you fast forward 2-3 months from that date you know now that Wade Barrett is the leader of a hungry pack of hyenas called The Nexus. I will tell you what I think of where The Nexus (which are the Winds of Change) will lead us.

I believe that The Nexus will first do what the entire IWC has been craving for, John Cena turning heel. Let’s face facts the amount of articles that the IWC has posted about how Cena sucks and how he should have turned heel a long time ago are countless. A heel John Cena will be a breath of fresh air on Raw and will help with the ratings because the main problem with the WWE is there older fans are getting tired of the PG era and its poster boy John Cena. Fixing one of those problems will bring fans back.

Another thing they will do is give a superstar a good title reign. That superstar being the leader of these winds called Nexus is Wade Barrett. I believe that a good heel run with the title will bring back some lost prestige to the WWE Title and make this storyline that much better. With Wade Barrett as champion and the Nexus and Cena to back him up they can do what The Legacy failed to do and that was run Monday Night Raw just like Evolution.

They also give us new superstars in the spotlight, since 2006 the spotlight of Raw has been on three superstars only their names are John Cena, Triple H, and Randy Orton. I know that a select few people might say that Sheamus has already taken some of that spotlight but let’s face it, he is just an extremely pale dude who desperately needs a tan calling himself “The Dubya Dubya E Champion”. He massacres the name of the WWE Title every time he talks about it. But that’s off topic what I am trying to say is with the current storyline they have provided us with at least two good wrestlers in Barrett and Gabriel.

The most major thing they have given us is the mass amount of opportunity with this storyline. They could show that the second they have taken all the titles from Raw, they immediately invade Smackdown and take the titles of the blue brand. While this is going on they could show The Nexus as the Undertakers attackers and this could build up to a major match at Survivor Series in which the five of the Nexus face five of the WWE’s most elite. Whoever pins one Nexus member gets their championship gold. While the other two members of Nexus defend their unified tag titles. This eventually leads to the demise of Nexus. Or anything else could happen.

So to wrap it all up, what o you think about “The Winds of Change”?