Huge Suggestion for the NBA

Byron MotenCorrespondent INovember 29, 2007

My cousin watched A-Rod and Jimmy Rollins win the AL and NL MVP. So he called and asked me "How come there isnt an Eastern and Western Conference MVP, 6th Man, or Rookie of the Year awards in the NBA"? At first, I didnt pay it no attention. But after a couple of days, the question stayed in my head. So I figured I have some fun with it.

In Major League Baseball, the National and American League play with different sets of rules so I understand having two different award winners for both. Obviously, that is not the case in the NBA. Also, like ordering an adult beverage at a bar, the awards would become watered down if it is for only half of the 30 teams instead of the entire league.

So just for the hell of it, let’s see who the East and West award winners would have been for last year going by the official results. 


Icon Sports Media LeBron James, Cavs (East),

 27.3Pts, 6.7Reb, 6.0Asts 







Icon Dirk Nowitzki, Mavs (West)

24.6Pts, 8.9Rebs, 3.4Asts







NBA Sixth Man of the Year

IconLeandro Barbosa, Suns (West)

 18.1Pts, 4.0Asts, 1.2Stls






David Lee, Knicks (East)

10.7Pts, 10.4Rebs, .600FG%


Most Improved Player


IconMonta Ellis, Warriors (West)

16.5Pts, 4.1Asts, 1.7Stls









IconLuol Deng, Bulls (East)

 18.8Pts, 7.1Rebs, 1.2Stls







Defensive Player of the Year

IconMarcus Camby, Nuggets (West)

 11.2Pts, 11.7Rebs, 3.3Blks, 1.2Stls






Icon Sports Media

Ben Wallace, Bulls (East)

 6.4Pts, 10.7Rebs, 2.0Blks, 1.4Stls






 Rookie of the Year



Brandon Roy, Blazers (West)

 16.8Pts. 4.4Rebs, 4.0Asts, 1.2Stls








 Andrea Bargnani, Raptors (East)

11.6Pts, 3.9Rebs


Coach of the Year


Sam Mitchell, Raptors (East)

 47-35 Record







Avery Johnson, Mavs (West)

67-15 Record








If this was to happen. There would be more individual players than ever. The only player I feel sorry for is Kobe Bryant. He is going to be one of the only Hall-Of-Famer without an MVP award. But I dont think he cares because 3 championship rings speak for themselves. Im not really for this one, but I think it would make the players play harder and more better. Plus, you will find out the REAL NBA players who want to win a ring mor than awards every year.

I have a huge favor for all the Bleacher Report Fans. Read this, and give me your East and West trophy winners for the last 10 years. Including the other awards also. And tell me if the league should follow the suit of MLB and split awards for the East and West......