Chris Paul to the Denver Nuggets?

H VinoContributor IJuly 24, 2010

Before scoffing at the idea of another Chris Paul trade idea, hear me out. If Paul sincerely wants to play with another superstar, why not want to head to Denver?

While the Nuggets might not be included on Chris Paul's so called list, it doesn't mean that they don't have a legit chance at acquiring him. You might be asking, "Why would Denver want Paul when they already have a current All Star in Chauncey Billups and a possible future All Star in Ty Lawson behind him?" The answer is quite simple, to keep Carmelo Anthony happy and pretty much guarantee him signing the extension currently on the table.

While one might think that if a team is not on Paul's list they won't trade for him, but the truth is, he doesn't actually have a choice where to be traded to. The only thing the list does is tell which teams he'd probably stay long term with, thus making other teams weary about dealing a lot of assets for a two year rental. But if a contender like Denver were to acquire him to pair next to Melo, he would most definitely re-sign when his contract expires.

But getting Chris Paul to Denver is not very easy, it would require their owner Stan Kroenke to take on a rather large amount of money and give up certain assets to the team. Even though recently Stan has been rather stingy lately with the Nuggets, he has shown in the past that he will commit to paying for a good team.

So how does Denver entice New Orleans to send him to the Mile High City?

A deal like Chauncey Billups, Kenyon Martin, Coby Karl (unguaranteed contract filler) and 2 future firsts for Chris Paul, Emeka Okafor, James Posey, Darius Songalia and Julian Wright (for a TPE) works under CBA trade rules.

But is that enough for the Hornets to bite?

In the trade, New Orleans gets A LOT of long term financial relief by getting rid of Okafor and Posey's long term deals for expirings and they save around $7 million this year. Also, Chauncey can come in and help a young Hornets team by mentoring Darren Collison (like he's done with Lawson) and play next to him (Chauncey is big enough to play some SG), while Kenyon probably wouldn't play for New Orleans (either take a buy out or let insurance pay for part of his contract). It is possible that New Orleans forces Denver to include some young talent like Lawson or Afflalo to make the deal, but I don't think that New Orleans would want Ty Lawson that much, because they already have Collison and are getting Billups.

For Denver, the reasons are pretty obvious, get a legit young superstar to pair with their current superstar Carmelo and build a dynasty to rival the Lakers and the Heat. Also while Emeka Okafor might be seen as a negative to most teams, Denver could really use him next to Nene (by moving Nene to his natural position of PF and playing Okafor at Center).

So while Denver hasn't been mentioned by the media as a potential suitor for Chris Paul's services, he could end up playing the Mile High City.