The WWE Times: 24th July 2010

Rex WilliamsContributor IJuly 24, 2010

Welcome to the WWE Times, I'm your writer, Rex Williams and I hope your enjoy your weekend so far. To help make your weekend the best it possibly can be, I'll give you the 6th Edition of the WWE Times.

The focus for this edition will be WWE's new youth movement, but I'll also write on topics such as WWE hiring Austin Watson (a.k.a. Consequences Creed from TNA) and a Ricky Steamboat update. So, as usual, read through the article and if you have time feel free to comment on the article.


TNA Feels Consequences After Firing Creed.

No doubt, ever since TNA let Creed go they have a small part of them that though, "He could of been huge!" And it's true, he could of been, because he is a very young man with a good spirit.

Well, TNA's lose looks to becoming WWE's gain. With Creed only being 23 and only debuting in 2005, he does have a lot to learn, which is why he has been sent to developmental.

WWE have probably plugged him for Season 3 of NXT, which many people may not like, but I for one do. Creed isn't ready for the main roster and if he went straight into RAW or Smackdown, he might not get the proper treatment he deserves. But NXT should provided him with the opportunity to shine.

Anyways, all the best to Austin Watson as he embarks on a new chapter of his young, promising career.


Ricky Steamboat Conquers Hospital Scare!

Jim Ross gave us all the update we have wanted as he informed us that Ricky Steamboat is home and recovering. That is obviously great news and a sign he is still as able to fight as ever.

Unfortunately, Ricky's sudden admission to hospital has destroyed the plan for him to be a part of Team Cena and I can't imagine him being able to get 100% before Summerslam, which is quite sad considering what a pleasure it is to watch him in the ring even at his age.

It's being reported he should be able to return to WWE, where he works as a road agent, within a month. I hope I speak for everyone at Bleacher Report when I wish Ricky the best recovery.


WWE's Youth Movement; Dolph Ziggler

It has been reported on. It has been spoken of and even dreamed about, but now for the first time ever, Rex Williams (that's me) will write a chapter on it!

Hopefully that first paragraph made it sound like a big deal or have I yet to convince you to read on? Well, convinced or not, just give it a shot.

For quite a while now, I've been impressed on how WWE seems to moving forward. They have been focusing more and more time on building up their supply of future stars. Some of this is due to WWE NXT, but the majority of this is down to the great rising stars they have.

Take Dolph Ziggler for example. In 2009, he had a phenomenal rivalry with Rey Mysterio that ended due to Rey failing a drug test and being suspended. This staled his push, but now he has been associated with Vicky Geurrero and where other people may think her "cougar" behaviour is repetitive, it works!

The transformation from a cheerleader into a man that is "Perfection" has been great. He has the look of a superstar. He has the promo skills of a superstars. He has the in-ring ability of a wrestler and now, in a large part thanks to Vicky, the heat of a good heel.

But, the list of rising stars, doesn't end at Dolph Ziggler, there are a lot more.

"Dashing" Cody Rhodes has the look, in-ring and promo skills and the legacy to climb the WWE ladder.

Kofi Kingston, albeit lacking promo skills, has a good chance of joining Dolph and Cody on that exclusive club at the top of that ladder.

Drew McIntyre has been a hit or a miss with some people, but trust me when I say we will have Drew shoved down our throats until we all accept him.

Alberto Del Rio will also be debuting soon and looking for his very on space on that ladder.

So, whenever someone tells me TNA have a better roster than WWE, I normally tell them to just take a good look at just one third of the WWE roster to realise that WWE's ladder is overflowing with some of the world's greatest wrestlers.

Please look out for the next edition of the WWE Times when I'll review the RAW side of things and believe me, RAW is not without their own rising stars.



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