Fantasy Football: The Next Generation Has Arrived!

andrewCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2008 is proud to introduce Fantasy PlayBook for the 08-09 Football Season. Fantasy PlayBook allows you to take control of a powerful offense, design a PlayBook, and view the results in real time!

In LeaguePlay, you and five of your closest friends draft four NFL offenses, design PlayBooks for each team, and go head to head every week for cash prizes.

In SinglePlayer, it is you against the world. You must have your PlayBook up to par in order to compete against the world's best Fantasy Players. Design a winning PlayBook and you will have not only bragging rights for the rest of the week, but you will also have a cool $500 in your pocket. I can't see anything wrong with that!

Fantasy PlayCaller allows you to watch the game on TV and play along on your computer. If your call matches what is ran in the actual game, you score! Fantasy PlayCaller is returning this season and offers LIVE results to the sports fanatic who enjoys seeing results just seconds after they submit their play! 

Sign up today at We will see you on the field!

 - YOUbeQB