Cody Wants YOU, The Reader, To Decide His Next Adventure!

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2010

Hey everybody! I've noticed that the (few) people that partake in the series really enjoy it and I would like to throw out an interactive concept in order for YOU, the reader, to truly have a more enjoyable experience!

So, without further ado, Cody and Willis have a very special message for you!

Cody: Hey There, this is Cody Rhodes...

Willis: ...and me!

Cody: Yes, and you. Anyway...

Willis: Are you just gonna cut me off like that? I HAVE THINGS TO SAY!

Cody: Ok, go ahead.

Willis: Hold on....

Cody: *waits*

Willis: I'm thinking...

Cody: *sigh*

Willis: Um....

Cody: Willis! We have to tell our loyal readers the important message!

Willis: Oh Right! Of course, hehe.

Cody: WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY WAS that we've had great adventures together over the last few episodes, eh Willis?

Willis: Yep definately!

Cody & Willis: And to show our appreci...

Willis: Oh were you gonna say it?

Cody: Ya kinda.

Willis: But I wanted to say it.

Cody: Ok go ahead and say it.

Willis: Ok...

A few moments pass...

Cody: Are you gonna say it or not?

Willis: I think you should say it.

Cody: *sigh* Ok I will. To show our apprecia...

Willis: WAIT!

Cody: WHAT NOW?!

Willis: We need to do the Mexican Hat Dance!

Cody: 'The Mexican Hat Dance'? Really? Do we need to do it now?

Willis: Ya! Because this is a huge announcement!

Cody: *sigh* No, we are not going to do the Mexican Hat Dance.

Willis: Why, why not?

All of a sudden a daunting and intimidating presence comes forth...

Randy: This is f**king ridiculous. Move out the way. *pushes Cody to the floor*

Willis: But, but, but, this is our announcement! Cody! You have to do something!

Cody: *whispers* Are you crazy? Randy is so scary!

Willis: C'mon Cody! Be a man! *lifts up Cody's arm and slaps Randy on the back*

Randy: *turns around* DID YOU JUST SLAP ME?

Cody: No, no, no, no! *shakes head nervously*

Randy: *looks at Cody, dauntingly*

Cody: *shakes* No, Randy, No!

Randy then hits Cody with an explosive RKO!

Cody: Ugghhh...

Randy: *kicks Cody out of the way* Now, finally. The epic announcement that was supposed to be made by this buffoon will be made by me.

He just wanted to tell YOU, the loyal reader *points at you*, that to show the appreciation for you guys that ANY and I mean, ANYTHING THAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN ON THE SHOW, put it on the comments, your idea (most probably) MIGHT be put on the show, and you will be mentioned in the next episode of "Cody." If your idea is really good, you might even guest-star on the show next episode, and you will hang out with Cody on the set!

Get started, before I punt each one of you in the skull!


A couple of hours later, after Randy had left...

Cody: Psss!! We're hiding from Randy!

Willis: Yeah we just wanted to say that even though we love all our fans...

Cody: *mumbles* The few that there are...

Willis: Hush Cody!

Cody: *snickers*

Willis: As I WAS SAYING, even though we love all of our fans, we've been debating with our pet donkey, Sir Assalot, about who should join us in a guest role next week. Despite only having like 5 people to choose from, we were able to label it down to two. Don't worry if you didn't get picked! Your suggestions will still be used and you will still be mentioned in the show!

Cody: The two people we narrowed down to are here, and here.

Willis: We couldn't really decide...

Cody: So Sir Assalot made a great decision!

Willis: He came up with the idea that we should use both!

Cody: But....

Willis: But what?

Cody: I feel we need to add something.

Willis: Like what?

Cody: Maybe if we pick two people, we will the rest of the suggestions in the next eppie!

Willis: I kinda already said that.

Cody: Oh, you did?

Willis: Ya I said as a consolation prize, we could use the other people's suggestions.

 The door creaks open, and Randy steps in.

Cody: Um, we gotta go, but congrats to the people and uh, all that stuff!

Willis: Run!

Cody: AAaaaaah! *runs away*



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