BR'S Battle Of The WWE Champ's Round 1

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IJuly 23, 2010

In general I only write serious article, but I am in a goofy mood today so I thought I would try to have some fun. I hope that all of you join in and participate. For those of you that don’t I understand.

What I propose to you fine people is a battle of the champions!!!

There have been 44 WWE, WWF, WWWF, and World heavyweight champion.

So my idea was to bracket them up by the scientific process of teeny, men, many, moa.

This is where you guys get involved; all you have to do is pick who you want to move on.

This isn't a who is better than who contest. You fine people may vote any way you would like to.

I will put some small stats by each wrestler so you have some info to go off of.

Please note a few things, I didn't include Vince McMahon because his run lasted 4 days and then he made the title vacant.

I also only listed the belts won in the WWE, so NWA and WCW belts are not mentioned.

One last thing, please list in the order of the bracket's it will be easier for me to tally the votes.

This will only work if you guys post your votes, so let’s have a little fun and see what happens.

Without any further delay I give you the first 21 brackets, in the BR battle of the champions.

(First round)

1st  bracket

]---- Rick Flair,He is a 16 time Champion; 2 time WWE Champion.


]----John Cena,He is a 7 time WWE Champion and 2 time Heavyweight Champion.

2nd  bracket

]---- "Super Star" Billy Graham, he held the belt once for almost a year.


]---- HHH, he is a 13 time WWE/Heavyweight Champion.

3rd  bracket

]---- CM Punk, he is a 3 time World Heavyweight Champion.


]---- Yokozuna,he is a two time WWF Champion.

4th bracket

]---- Batista, is a 6 time world heavyweight /WWE  Champion


]---- HBK,he is a 3 time WWF champ and one time World Heavyweight Champion.

5th bracket

]---- Chris Benoit,he is a World Heavyweight Champion.


]---- Physco Sid,is a two time WWF Champion.

6th bracket

]---- Ivan Koloff,is a one time WWWF Champion.


]---- Mankind,won the WWF belt 3 times.

7th bracket

]---- "Mach Man"Randy Savage,won the  WWF title twice one reign lasted a year.


]---- The Great Khali, he is a one time Havyweight Champion.

8th bracket

]---- Chris Jericho, is a one 6 time Heavyweight/WWE/WCW(while in WWE) Champion.


]----The Undertaker,is a 4 time WWF/WWE Champion and 3 time Heavyweight Champion.

9th bracket

]---- Bruno Sammartino, won the belt twice one reign lasted 8 years.


]---- Randy Orton,is a 6 time WWE/ Heavyweight Champion.

10th bracket

]---- Brock Lesner ,went on to win the WWE belt 3 times.


]---- The Rock,is a 7 time WWF/WWE Champion.

11th bracket

]---- Edge ,is a 4 time WWE champ and 5 time Heavyweight Champion.


]---- RVD,is a one time WWE Champion.

12th bracket

]---- Eddie Guerrero,is a one time WWE Champion.


]---- The Big Show,won the WWF/WWE title twice.

13th bracket

]---- Kane,won the WWF/WWE title once and won the Heavyweight title once.


]---- Jeff Hardy, has been the World Heavyweight Champion twice.

14th bracket

]---- Booker T, is a one time World Heavyweight Champion.


]---- Stan Stasiak,is a one time WWWF Champion.

15th bracket

]---- Hulk Hogan,is a 6 time WWF/WWE Champion.


]---- Diesel,has one the WWF title once his reign lasted almost a year.

16th bracket

]---- Buddy Rogers,was the first ever WWWF Champion.


]---- Bret"The Hitman"Hart,he has held the  WWF gold 5 times.

17th bracket

]---- Stone Cold ,is a 6 time WWF Champion.


]---- JBL,won the WWE title once and held it for a year.

18th bracket

]---- Ultimate Warrior,He has won the WWF belt once.


]---- Bob Backlund,is a one time WWWF Champion and a WWF Champion once.He had one run that lasted 5 years.

19th bracket

]---- Pedro Morales,has won the WWWF belt once his reign lasted almost 2 years.


]---- Kurt Angle,is a 4 time WWF/WWE Champion.

20th bracket

]---- Sgt Slaughter,is a one time WWF Champion.


]---- Goldberg, is a one time World Heavyweight Champion.

21st bracket

]---- Andre The Giant,  won the WWF belt once.


]---- The Iron Sheik,is a one time WWWE he held it almost a year.

22 bracket

]---- Sheamus, is a two time WWE Champion.


]---- Jack Swagger, is a one time Heavywieght Champion.

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