Technical Wrestling: An Art Form Almost Forgotton!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IJuly 23, 2010

If I asked you what a bow and arrow was, would you know? How about an Anaconda Vice? Okay, let’s give this another try; does anyone know what a stretch plum is? If the answer is no, I don’t want you to feel stupid.

The names I just listed off to you are wrestling holds. Those are just a few of the many wrestling holds which exist in pro wrestling. While it may not be a problem that we as fans know these holds.

It is a problem that wrestlers don’t know these holds. It seems to me that the art of technical wrestling is near forgotten. If you have doubts about what I am saying feel free to watch yourself.

Between TNA and the WWE, there are well over 100 wrestlers on the roster. I can count on both hands how many I consider good sound technical wrestlers. That is a problem in this writer’s eye.

As a kid I grew up watching great grapplers such as Hart, Rude, Hennig and Mr. Wrestling. They knew not only how to work the crowd, but they also knew how to dazzle us every time they stepped into the ring.

If you want to find good technical wrestling today you have to look to the smaller feds or the Indies. The reason being is because in the "bigs" it is filled with nothing but bullies and high flyers.

How is a young wrestling fan ever supposed to learn what good wrestling is if they aren’t exposed to it. It is just common sense that a fan will learn and know only what they get exposed to.

Pro wrestling these days has been reduced to nothing more than high spots and roll up pins. Take Chris Jericho for example. When was the last time we saw anyone tap out to his “Walls of Jericho??”

I don’t even think they should call it that anymore; it looks more like a half assed Boston crab. The WWE took a legitimate finishing maneuver and turned it into a joke. That isn’t the only hold that has been dumbed down.

It makes me sick whenever someone even attempts a sharpshooter. It looks so painless and silly it’s not even funny. I can go on listing holds, but I think by know you know where I am going with this.

The art of pro wrestling is selling moves and making them look real and painful. Do we know it’s not real? Of course we do. That being said we still want to see things done right.

If I wanted to see a bunch of big buffoons punch each other I would watch boxing. We need to see some real technical wrestling back in the business. It is not only vital to the fans it is also important for the wrestlers.

If a guy trying to make his way into the bigs and sees nothing but juiced up lumberjacks. It would only make sense that he will follow that pattern in order to be noticed.

It is a proven fact though that a well-planned technically based match is better than a slug fest. In a technically based match you can not only set the pace better, but you can also tell the story of the match better.

Now don’t get me wrong I recognize the importance of a good big man. They are mainly better draws and they are easier to build around. I am fine with this concept for the most part.

It takes good solid ring workers though to make them look good. It is a formula that has been around since the birth of pro wrestling. It seems to me though that this is no longer the case.

Today’s technical wrestling has been watered down to the point of silliness. Half of the moves done today don’t even look painful. They take one solid move and turn it into 20 other lame looking moves.

If wrestling wants to ever really prosper again, they need to start with fixing this problem. It’s not a problem that is hard to fix. Just go out there and give the fans good fundamental wrestling.

I have longed for the days of a new wrestler like Bret Hart. Wrestlers like Hart could work a match and have the fans standing in their seats. All it took Hart to do this was apply basic but solid-looking holds.

If you’re a mark for solid technical wrestling, then I am sure you probably agree with most of what I just said. I hope this is just a fad right now. If it isn’t then it very well could be the demise of wrestling.

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