Green Bay Masterplan: The Favre Set-Up?

XXX XXXSenior Writer IJuly 30, 2008

Brett Favre met with Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy at Favre’s home in Mississippi. Murphy asked the QB not to file his reinstatement papers to give the team time to deal Favre to another team.

Favre’s response was to send in his reinstatement papers to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s office. As a result of Favre’s action Murphy and the Packers have 24 hours to either invite Favre to camp or release him.

Maybe Murphy is setting up Favre? Here’s the scenario: Favre retires, does the whole announcement, cry thing. All the while Bretty Boy has a Green Gay Packers-issued cell phone. Months later the Packers leak the fact of the cellphone to the press. Not only does Favre have the phone, but he used it to call the Vikings to tell them he wants to play for Minnesota.

So, Murphy flies down to Mississippi and “begs” Favre not to show up at camp, thst is, do not yet file for reinstatement, knowing all that Brett will take the bait because he is jock stubborn, and file his papers.

Now the Packers have the sure to be Hall Of Fame QB exactly where they want him. Next time Favre opens his mouth Murphy will tell the press that Favre is being suspended indefinitely from the team but will remain on the roster… indefinitely.

Problem solved.


Alby Jnr