St. Louis Cardinals: Is Chris Carpenter The Savior Of The Redbirds' Season?

Jordan HofeditzAnalyst IJuly 30, 2008


Alright, so it's not exactly the second coming of Jesus, but for the fans in St. Louis, it comes pretty close. Let's take a look.

First name, Chris. Add a "t" and well, you get Christ.

Last name, Carpenter. Jesus was a carpenter.

People have been awaiting his return. Sure, one wait has lasted over thousands of years while another has only lasted a season and a half. But for Cardinals fans, the wait has seemed like an eternity. Coming off a World Series season, St. Louis was primed for another run. But opening day 2007 was the only game Carpenter has pitched between that World Series and now.

Savior. Jesus came to earth to forgive mankind of all its sins. Carpenter comes back to the Cardinals as their hope to overtake the Cubs and Brewers in the NL Central.

King of Kings. Jesus was King of the Jews. Carpenter took home the Cy Young award in 2005 and will be inserted as the ace of the Cardinals' pitching staff.