Why The TNA/"ECW" Hard Justice PPV Won't Work

Ryan SzAnalyst IIJuly 23, 2010

TELFORD, ENGLAND - JANUARY 31:  A competitor crawls under barbed wire as he takes part in the Tough Guy 2010 race on January 31, 2010 in Telford, England.  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
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Well on last night's TNA Impact the ECW angle came to fruition. Dixie Carter stood in the center of the ring and called out the ECW originals who have been in the crowd the past few weeks and the brawl last week. Out comes Raven, Mick Foley, Rhyno, Stevie Richards, and Tommy Dreamer. They all would then proceed to talk about the glory days of wrestling and how it wasn't about the money but instead about the fans. Then Tommy Dreamer would ramble about how he felt relieved after the 2005 One Night Stand PPV but sickened by the next years edition and what came after, basically blaming the WWE for destroying ECW. Funny thing is though how it wasn't about the money for these guys but Dreamer stayed with the WWE incarnation of ECW for another four years and went on to win the ECW title with them and as he said was "financially safe".

Then the thing the entire IWC knew about happened, Dixie gave the ECW guys their own PPV to do what they wanted. This led to Tommy in the least enthusiastic way ever proclaimed, "We're going extreme". From just watching this I can see a multitude of problems.

First, I wouldn't be surprised if the WWE doesn't sue for copyright infringement or a cease and desist for TNA using the ECW moniker. This could work for TNA as they would come of as rebels fighting against the giant promotion of WWE. That may work for one PPV but in the long run it would cost them. Remember what happened when WWE sued WCW for infringement in using Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in a way similar to Razor Ramon and Diesel. In the end both companies settled out of court, part of that settlement allowed for the WWE to buy out WCW years later for less than 5 million dollars. WWE is a much larger company compared to TNA and could easily use its weight to cause TNA some real problems.

The second and most important reason that this PPV won't work is because most of these guys aren't in their prime anymore. Raven looks like been doing drugs everyday for the past six months, Mick Foley looks like he would be better suited working the register at Lane Bryant, and Tommy Dreamer got injured in the brawl the week before and can barely move. Only Rhyno and Stevie looked like they were ready to wrestle, in fact, they looked better than they have in years.

Then you look at who else could be in this PPV, RVD is supposedly set to face Jerry Lynn, which may end up being the best match of the night if it happens. Team 3D would definitely be in tag team action but it would have to be against a team of two guys who weren't originally a team (I'll get to why later).

The real problem comes fomr the fact that most of the ECW guys are either working for the WWE, retired, or dead. Case in point, Chris Jericho works for the WWE and is likely taking some time off soon if not retiring, same thing for Rey Mysterio. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Taz and Perry Saturn are retired and Scott Hall was released by TNA. Along with that Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Pibull #2, both members of Public Enemy (which goes back to why Team 3D would have to face two guys that aren't an established team or at the least the Impact Players) , Mike Awesome, Brian Pillman, Chris Candido, Big Dick Dudley, John Kronus, Rick Rude, Nancy Benoit, and Bam Bam Bigelow have died.

The only other guys that I could see coming back for this PPV are Justin Credible and Lance Storm so they could fight Team 3D, Terry Funk could make a return as he never fully retires, New Jack has been rumored to return but whenever he's in the ring he tries to kill someone, Sabu seems like a sure thing to return, and even the Sandman.

Yet the point is do we really want to see these guys who for the most part are beyond putting on decent matches? As I've written before nostalgia can only go so far, these guys need to be able to put on quality matches that fans want to see and more importantly, pay to see. And as this is TNA, expect there to be gallons of blood spilled for no real reason except to be edgy. I wouldn't be surprised if they just spilled the fake blood on the ring like WCW used to do near the end of the promotion on a weekly basis. I can imagine only a couple good matches being produced for this PPV but with all of the hoopla over this all seven or eight matches need to be top notch instead of relying on the fans to feel pity for a dead promotion from the 90s.

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