Future of Temple: Anthony Lee Ready to Lead Owls

Mike PendletonCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2010

Anthony Lee is a physical player, and he will prove that when he goes to Temple University and plays basketball for the Owls next season.

Anthony, a 6'9 center from West Oaks Academy in Orlando, Florida might be a physical player but as I follow him, and as you will find out, he's a people person.

So what can we expect from Anthony? Well basketball-wise, he can play the power forward and center positions with quickness and is one hell of an athlete. 

It won't take long for Anthony to make a name for himself in a division that includes Xavier University, Dayton University and Saint Joseph's just to name a few. The next big man on campus has arrived and you will hear his name soon enough.

Well I'm here to make sure you hear his name not only on the court, but off it as well. When I noted that Anthony was a physical player, he's also a big hearted young man. Anthony looks forward to visiting hospitals, helping out in the community and making sure a positive message is learned from what he does off and on the court.

So what can we expect from my following of Anthony Lee? A basketball player who won't back down even though some will say he lacks size. Anthony plays the game bigger then what his is, but his passion on and off the court for a positive message can't be measured with a ruler, meter stick or anything for that matter.

Anthony Lee future of the Temple Owls and future of many smiles to people all across the nation, young and old he'll touch a lot of people's lives. He's touched mine by letting me follow him around and report these stories and I hope he touches you, the readers. 

Follow me as we focus in on Anthony Lee, future of Temple basketball, future of smiles.