HGH Testing in Minor League Baseaball

Zacharee CurtisContributor IIIJuly 22, 2010

     Major League Baseball and Bud Selig have implemented random blood testing for human growth hormone in the minor leagues on Thursday.  This is the first professional sports organization in the USA to take a major step against doping in sports. 

     Commissioner Bud Selig instituted the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program in 2001.  Blood testing is now a part of the program.  "The implementation of blood testing in the minor leagues represents a significant step in the detection of the illegal use of human growth hormone," Selig said in a statement. "HGH testing provides an example for all of our drug policies in the future." 

     Only players with minor-league contracts will be subject to being randomly tested.  So blood testing is not subject to collective bargaining.  "Obviously, we make a separate decision with regard to the minor-league program, but the Major League Baseball Players Association has been proactively engaged in conversations with us on the scientific and logistical issues associated with blood testing at the major league level," said Rob Manfred, executive vice president labor relations for Major League Baseball.

     I think that this is a major step towards blood testing for HGH in the majors.  The NFL doesn't currently conduct blood tests for performance-enhancing drugs. But the league has recently said it would like to begin such tests. The NFL Union has been against it though.  I applaud MLB for doing blood testing for HGH and I hope to see it in the majors soon.