Boogity Boogity Boogity Lets Go Fight'in Boys!

Michael FinleyContributor IJuly 22, 2010

I hate the idea of intenional wrecking, however while I do believe NASCAR did the right thing (for once!) with Edwards Vs BK12, if there had been a fist-fight, penaltys would of gotten ridculious. Undoubtly 100 point fines, probation for the rest of the year, 100k fines (pocket change for these guys), and more-then-likley suspensions. I believe if you want to settle things, wait until the end of the race and settle things in a good-old-fashioned pit road fight!

I don't see why there most be no fist fights anymore. Could you imagine if Kyle Busch got into a fight with Kurt after a race? Yes, there would be contervorsy simply so the overwieght producers at ESPN will have a major "storyline" going into the next race, but on the flipside, people would start coming back to NASCAR, there will be more articles on NASCAR, and overall, more media attention as a whole. And don't say "people will turn away due to the violence and yada yada yada." The greatest decade in NASCAR history was the 80s, and they had alot of fights, setting off the revaltionary 90s before the fading 00s. Also, open your eyes: Hockey has too many fights, yet they are bigger then NASCAR. UFC is all about fights, and while it isn't bigger then NASCAR,  it sure as heck is getting there. Football isn't a hot bed of fighting, but it is most diffenatly more physical then NASCAR.

Perhaps the biggest impact a fight would make would be breaking the new typical NASCAR driver (A clean, good natured, walking billboard sell-out) and give them some real color. And the sponsors will need to learn to live with it. Many of them already sponsor the sports I talked about above, and companys such as Pepsi, Bud, and STP lived with it back in the day.

I don't like how NASCAR is going. We are getting too clean. Too Corprate. More paint thinner then vibrent color. Let the gloves come off NASCAR. Before its too late.