Clemson Uses Classless Propaganda

Trey RobinsonCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2008

When does recruiting become immoral?  When does it become filthy?  When does it become illegal? 

Picture this: you go to your mailbox and see all of your letters from many different schools.  In the cluster of letters, you see a package with no return address on it.  As you open the package up, you see a Tiger Paw in orange and purple. 

Your curiosity is up, so you read what's in the package.  The package has a brochure that has seven different players from your arch-rival included in it.  Beside each name, it talks about what this person has been charged with.  It goes on to create a picture that this school creates an atmosphere for thugs, and if you go there they will probably change your wholesome ways.

This propaganda is interesting because they do not send a follow up letter stating in all seven cases charges were dropped.  They do not apologize for assuming these players are thugs, nor does it acknowledge many of the same things have happened at their own school. 

Not only is this ridiculous, but unprofessional.  What makes this worse is the person who is sending these packets out will not confess to doing this. 

So who's doing this? 

Many have pointed at two Internet gurus for recruiting websites, but I would have to think they have to much to lose for something like this.  Maybe not, but whoever this is needs to come to the forefront and apologize for the ridiculous thing they are doing.

What school might you ask is doing this?  The school is none other than Clemson University.  I'm sure you can guess if you had to which school they were slamming (South Carolina).  Tommy Bowden is not to blame, nor is the rest of the coaching staff, but the individuals who were and are involved with this are classless, and should apologize!