Is Matt Hardy the Most Overrated Superstar in Pro Wrestling History?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIJuly 22, 2010

Matt Hardy seems to be loved by most wrestling fans in the world today because of his daredevil style in the ring and his time-honored dedication to the industry. Matt has spanned the entire globe doing the one thing he loves to do the most, wrestle. Matt may be dedicated to the WWE, but I believe he is one of the most overrated superstars in the entire history of professional wrestling.

Matt started out in WWE with his brother Jeff as a tag team; man what stellar matches those two had. The Hardy Boyz were the hottest tag team when WWE was at an all-time high in popularity during the "attitude" era. The Hardy Boyz won multiple tag team titles and they performed in some of the greatest matches in history. The Hardy Boyz were a great team but it seemed that Jeff was more popular with the fans.

So finally in 2002, Matt Hardy turned on Jeff and the fans.

Matt Hardy wanted "respect" from WWE fans so he moved over to SmackDown where he got more air time to showcase his skills as a singles wrestler. He defeated the Undertaker at one point but his greatest achievement was his win at the Cruiser weight championship in early 2003.


Hardy had been a comic heel at times, but his in-ring abilities were great at the time. Heck, he and Mysterio were the main event at SmackDown in Anaheim California back in June 2003 for the Cruiserweight championship—that was the first time WWE had focused the main event on a cruiser weight title bout. Once his feud with Mysterio was over, Matt went back to being a jobber in the WWE rankings.

Matt jobbed over to RAW until the whole situation with Lita happened—which eventually cost Matt his job in the WWE. Yes, it was a bad situation. To make matters worse for Matt, the guy whom Lita was sleeping with at the time was not only one of Matt's closest friends, he was to receive a main event push that year. Edge stole Lita away from Matt in a lot of people's eyes. But before the scandal had happened, Matt was looked at as an underachiever in WWE.

Matt became popular in August of 2005 when he attacked Edge on RAW several times. Matt and Edge had a very bitter feud, but it was damn entertaining and it really elevated Edge to all new heights as a heel. Matt on the other hand became a distant jobber yet again.

This time over on SmackDown.

Since the Lita-Edge-Hardy angle in 2005, Matt has done very little and has disappointed a lot of people in high-profile matches (Example WrestleMania 25). Matt hasn't been over with the WWE to even get a World title shot so that fact alone makes him overrated. When was the last time Matt had a five star match? Well it has been since 2005 when he and Edge had the steller steel cage match at Unforgiven. So with all the facts in place, I believe Matt Hardy is the most overrated wrestler in the history of professional wrestling.

Matt Hardy has his followers, and his haters depending on where you look, but one thing that everybody can agree on is that Matt Hardy creates buzz with the Internet wrestling community.


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