More Discussion On Indicator Verses Tight Lining

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More Discussion On Indicator Verses Tight Lining
Saturday I did a post on Weather to use an Indicator or Tight Lining. I received a message recently concerning this subject, and I thought I would share the message with you guys. As stated in my original post I am having problems in detecting the hit most of the time when using the nymph. I really appreciate the numerous comments that have been extremely helpful me to understand the difference between a hit and snag. I will be making a trip in a couple of weeks to put all the comments to the test. I hope the following message will be even more helpful to anyone who is having the same problems I have uncounted with nymphing.
Ben one of my followers sent this message ----This is an awesome article and video about scuba diving in the river and watching the nymph rig and the trout/indicator reactions---- VIDEO/Message

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