Just How Good Are the Miami Heat? Four NBA Records They Could Smash

Brandon Ribak@reebokforthreeSenior Writer IJuly 22, 2010

MIAMI - JULY 09:  Dwyane Wade #3 (C) of the Miami Heat talks during a press conference after a welcome party at American Airlines Arena on July 9, 2010 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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We have spoken about it since the minute the trio was officially assembled.

While the majority of us believe that the topic has been absolutely beaten to death, analysts, reporters, and fans continue to discuss it on a daily basis.
Just how good are the Miami Heat?
To answer this question we must compare this team to historic squads of the past and determine whether or not the Miami Heat have a legitimate chance in breaking epic and close to impossible records. 
These NBA historic records are provided for you to decide whether or not the 2010-2011 Miami Heat will break them. Please comment below with your responses!
Three winning streaks of at least 12 games
During the 2006-'07 NBA season the Dallas Mavericks managed to make NBA history, having three different winning streaks of at least 12 games (17, 13, 12). 
12 game win streak—faced seven teams with a sub-.500 record
13 game win streak—faced nine teams with a sub-.500 record
17 game win streak—faced 10 teams with a sub-.500 record
Throughout the span of every win streak, the Mavericks faced more sub-.500 teams than not.
Although the Miami Heat's 2010-'11 regular season schedule has yet to be released, will the Miami Heat have enough power to not only win games, but capture three different win streaks in spurts of more than 12? 
72 wins in one season
During the 1995-'96 NBA season the Chicago Bulls, led by the all-time greatest, Michael Jordan, completed a full 82 game NBA season with a overall 72-10 record.
Since that season, the only teams to come close to tying the record were the '96-'97 Chicago Bulls (69 wins), Dallas Mavericks (67 wins in '06-'07), Boston Celtics (66 wins in '07-'08), Cleveland Cavaliers (66 wins in '08-'09), and Los Angeles Lakers (65 wins in '08-'09).
Aside from the Cavaliers and Mavericks, each team went on to win the NBA championship, proving that they were not only regular season winners, but champions as well.
With three of arguably the top 15 overall players in the NBA on the Miami Heats roster, do the Heat have the best chances since the '95 Bulls to tie Chicago's historic regular season record of 72 wins in one season?
Average a 12.3 point differential for one season
The 1971-'72 Los Angeles Lakers hold the crown for the largest average point differential in NBA history, averaging 121 PPG to their opponents' 108.7 PPG.
That Lakers team went on to win 69 games during the regular season.
With LeBron, Wade, and Bosh on the same squad, the Miami Heat have a rare opportunity to absolutely smother their opponents night in and night out.
There's a strong possibility that the team could beat this record, but one thing holding them back from doing so is the chances of head-coach Erik Spoelstra benching the trio late in the game, inevitably giving the other team an opportunity to catch back up.
Regardless of the records mentioned, the Heat's best chances of breaking history could be with this one, what do you think?
Four Championships in a Row
Not including the 1960s Boston Celtics, there has never been an NBA team to win more than three championships in a row.
The only teams to make three-peats have been the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers.
With the trio locked up for the next six years, can the Miami Heat break NBA history and capture four championships in a row or possibly more?
While this record is most certainly the most difficult one of all mentioned, do the Heat have an edge in breaking it more so than any team ever before?
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