Forget Lebron James, The Miz Is Cleveland's New Hero

Pav MandairCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2010

Two weeks removed from Cleveland’s icon Lebron James jumping to Miami, after Sundays  triumph at WWE Money in the Bank a man who was just a rising star can now be looked upon as a hero for the city of Cleveland. Mike Mizanin started off as just another wannabe on WWE’s now defunct Tough Enough who were treated on television as not deserving of being in the WWE with promos with Kurt Angle and Big Show showing they had to earn their place within the ranks of WWE.

The Miz did not win the 2004 Tough Enough with eventual winner Daniel Puder being released 10 months later. If the eventual winner did not get far how would the finalists fare? But as proved with past Tough Enough or Diva searches it is not always the winner that gets the furthest, which is apparent with the current Nexus group.

The Miz was deemed so impressive that he was signed to a developmental contract and was quite successful becoming the first Deep South Heavyweight Champion. He eventually was called up to the main roster in 2006 debuting on Smackdown in June 2006 as “Smackdown’s host” after several vignettes in the month proceeding. Impressing WWE officials he played host alongside Ashley Massaro as the host of the WWE Diva Search 2006. Both these respective roles helped him become familiar with performing in front of a WWE audience a stark contrast to his reality series shows.

First Impressions

Despite this many members of the IWC did not warm to The Miz and predicted a very early release with his character not carrying the stigma to help him become noticeable as other rookies at the time such as Bobby Lashley and Mr Kennedy. Who could forget his “hoorah” catchphrase that hindered his credibility as a legitimate heel. The Miz like many inept stars were sent to ECW to hone his character. This is where we saw The Miz develop into the character he is today. His tag team with John Morrison helped him become one of the most entertaining stars on the mic in the entire WWE. This prompted WWE to give them their own show that was so much of a hit it was shown on ECW. They were so entertaining they were on all brands on one week which increased their momentum.


The Miz is an example of if a character starts off poor; given time they can be turned around and in The Miz’s case one of the main stars of the company. From a guy that was not allowed to change in the WWE locker room and someone whose route into the business was deemed unfair due to his reality series background he has worked tirelessly to brush of his critics. He has improved his mic skills heavily over the last couple of years and is one of the only performers than can draw legitimate heel heat. His promo at the conclusion of his victory at Money in the Bank resembled his real life situation where he has won over his critics politically and within the IWC. His comical “hoorah” catchphrase has been abolished with his “I’m Awesome” catchphrase being taken more seriously which has made him more iconic within the WWE as well as helping moving merchandise with his “I’m Awesome” T-Shirt one of the top sellers on WWESHOP.COM which will always raise a performers opinion from Vince McMahon’s point of view.



The Future

Now a holder of the Money in the Bank Briefcase Mike Mizanin is finally being seriously considered by WWE Creative as a legitimate main event performer. Judging by past Money in the Bank winners such as CM Punk, Jack Swagger it is obvious this is the final instalment of the grooming process for The Miz to become a permanent fixture on the main event scene in the WWE although things can change pretty quickly in the WWE. The current RAW roster of main eventers are exceptional performers but they may not be around for too long. Edge is one of the best talkers on the mic and one of the few performers to draw legitimate heel heat. However in an interview in a local Carolina newspaper recently he stated he may retire in two years. Another exceptional performer who draws legitimate heel heat Chris Jericho’s contract expires in September and with his rock band Fozzy announcing some UK tour dates on a Monday night this October, one can wonder whether he will be still around this fall. He could be taking time off but with management unhappy with his deferral of tunnel vision to the WWE cause with his new show Downfall and his rumoured spot on Dancing with the Stars he is not looked upon by management as he was a couple of months ago when he was main eventing Wrestlemania. Triple H is has undergone surgery and with no timetable for his return and with the departure Batista and the face turn of Randy Orton the legitimate main event heels on RAW and the possibility of more big stars heading to Smackdown this fall  to aid Smackdown’s move to ScFy the RAW roster looks worryingly  depleted. Therefore this is the perfect chance for The Miz to break through the glass ceiling on Monday nights and become RAW’s number one heel. This is all more the reason for management to groom The Miz into the main event star that a lot of suitors now firmly believe he can be.