NBA Trade Rumors: Chris Paul To Orlando a Trick or Pure Magic?

Erik LandauCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2010

Chris Paul has reported that he wants to be traded to either the Lakers, Knicks or lastly, the Magic.

Frustrated with management and their inability to put together a winner, Paul has asked for a trade.

The first request listed is to the defending champion Lakers, where he would mostly likely be swapped for Andrew Bynum and another player. This makes the most sense for the Hornets, as they would finally have the big man that they covet to go with Darren Collison.

This seems the least likely from the three teams he's courting considering the Lakers have the chemistry and great players already to contend. There is very little reason for L.A. to break the love fest.

The Knicks, now with Raymond Felton signed, can dangle him in a trade with the Hornets, so that Paul can play alongside Stoudemire and supposedly Carmelo Anthony next year in New York.

That is speculation at this point, but it holds some truth in Paul's desire to be on a winning team with other great talent around him.

Then come the Orlando Magic, starred by Dwight Howard. The most likely team and best fit for Chris Paul.

Look, we already have seen what Paul was able to do with an absent minded Tyson Chandler in New Orleans; just think of what he could do with Howard.

Paul hasn't been truly healthy since two years ago when he was fighting Kobe Bryant for MVP of the league.

He currently has two years remaining on his contract that he signed back in July 2008 which was a four-year, $68 million dollar deal. Roughly wagered out to $17 million a year for a guy that many considered to be the best Point Guard in the game along with Deron Williams.

To bring in Paul, the Magic would need to unload some pieces to even out the trade financially and give the Hornets a reason to follow through on the trade. At this point, the Hornets have stated clearly that they have no intention at all of trading Paul.

Vince Carter has an expiring contract and it would be tantalizing as ever to give the Hornets Vince in a deal. The second piece would normally be Jameer Nelson if the Hornets didn't have a Point Guard.

It seems the Hornets are happy with their Point man Darren Collison currently, and are more focused on picking up a big man such as the Polish big man Marcin Gortat.

Will this demand by Paul for a trade change anything in the decision-making process of the Hornets? We'll see.

The Hornets are another team like the Suns looking to trim their payroll after putting themselves in a deep hole with their signing of Emeka Okafor.

Okafor, still has four years left on a six year, $72 Million dollar contract he signed also in July of 2008 with the Bobcats. A contract that was later traded in the Tyson Chandler—Emeka Okafor deal.

It could take a team taking on both Paul and Okafor for a trade to come through possibly.

If however, the Magic can work out a way that Paul is wearing an Orlando jersey this upcoming season, they would have a devastating duo for at least the next decade.

Throw in a slight chance that Nelson and Paul are playing together next season and we could see a reinvention of what Paul and Jannero Pargo started in the Big Easy. The transaction of Paul is still in the air, with no crystal ball from which to predict.

Still, the pickup of Chris Paul could put a burn on potential Eastern Conference foes in the Miami Heat.