Quite Possibly The Greatest Storyline Ever.

Ben Gartland@@AngryKCFanAnalyst IIJuly 21, 2010

This storyline that i came up with while mowing the lawn is so huge that it's never been done before, and it would rock the wrestling world forever. 

At Genesis 2011, Sting has just won the TNA world title. He is celebrating with it and grabs a mic. He addresses the TNA crowd.

"I have just won my third TNA title. There is no one who can beat me, no one that can stop me, no one that can take this title away from me."

"I have done everything there is to do in wrestling. I have won championships, i have beaten legends. There is nothing more that can elevate me to-"


Sting falls silent, as does the TNA crowd.


The lights go down as the crowd starts to liven up a bit. The lights go back up to see the Undertaker standing in the ring behind Sting.

Yes you read that right, the Undertaker.

Sting turns around in shock. He tries to say something in the mic, but can't seem to get the words out. Undertaker takes the mic from him and says to him. 

"Sting, you say there is nothing more than can elevate you to greater heights as a wrestler, but there is. It takes a legend to face me at Wrestlemania Sting. It takes an icon." 

Then the lights go out and Undertaker disappears and the crowd and Sting is left in total shock as the announcers try to regain their composure. The Pay-Per-View ends and the IWC starts shitting their pants with excitement and confusion. 

The next night on Raw, Mr. Mcmahon comes out and demands the Undertaker comes out to confront him. Vince asks how the Undertaker dare ask a wrestler from another promotion to face him on WWE's grandest stage. Undertaker replies that no one on the WWE roster had the legendary status to face him at Wrestlemania. Mr. Mcmahon somewhat accepts this answer. He says that Undertaker can face Sting at Wrestlemania if Sting can beat the best WWE has to offer. He invites Sting next week on Raw to face a WWE opponent.

On Thursday at TNA, Dixie Carter, Hogan and Bischoff  confront Sting, since Sting has already agreed to come on Raw next week. They are furious that he has decided to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania. He says it is the only thing in his career that he hasn't done before. They say that if he loses in any of the qualifying matches, he will be fired from TNA.

On Smackdown the next night, Teddy Long tells the Undertaker that he and the Raw GM both decided that if he were to lose against Sting at Wrestlemania, he would be released from Smackdown, and would not be picked up by Raw. Therefore ending his career.

Monday on Raw, Sting makes his highly anticipated WWE debut against Sheamus. He ducks the bicycle kick and locks Sheamus in the Scorpion death lock, making him tap out. 

Monday January 28th. Sting is back on Raw and faces the Big Red Machine Kane. Sting counters a choke slam into a DDT and once again locks in the Scorpion Death Lock. Kane taps out and Sting stays alive. 

Monday February 4th. Sting takes on Edge, counters a spear into Scorpion Death Drop. Edge kicks out. Sting performs the move again and this time gets the victory.

Monday February 11th. Sting takes on Randy Orton in a No-DQ match, Sting wins as he does the Scorpion Death Drop onto the baseball bat.

Monday February 18th. Sting takes on Big Show. Matt Hardy interferes and attacks Sting, making Sting win by disqualification. Jeff Hardy comes in through the crowd and gives Matt a twist-of-fate. 

Monday February 25th. Sting vs Chris Jericho. Sting wins again by disqualification because Kurt Angle attacks Sting, saying he is a disgrace to TNA. 

Monday March 4th. Sting vs. John Morrison and the Miz in a handicapped match. Sting knocks out Miz with the bat and delivers the Scorpion Death drop to Morrison onto Miz. Sting wins again while Undertaker watches from the ramp. 

Thursday March 7th. TNA officials find Kurt Angle lying on the ground in the locker room unconscious with him bleeding from his head. The locker has written on it "Stay Away."

Friday March 8th. Teddy Long finds Matt Hardy in the same situation as Angle, with the same message on his locker.

Monday March 11th.  Sting vs Triple H. Sting kicks out of a pedigree and Triple H kicks out of the Scorpion death drop. Sting hits another drop and wins the match. Mr. Mcmahon comes out and says he will face WWE champion John Cena in an iron man match next week.

Monday March 18th. As part of a special 3 hour raw, Cena and Sting have an epic battle, all moves are used at least twice. It goes into overtime tied at 4 pin falls apiece. Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock. After about a minute and a half, for the first time in his career, Cena taps. 

Monday March 25th. Mr. Mcmahon comes out to tell Sting that he will not have to face another Superstar because he has beaten everybody that WWE has to offer that could beat him. Sting calls out the Undertaker to sign the contract for the match. Undertaker rises through the ring. Yes through the ring. He take Sting by surprise and tombstones him. He signs the contract and the match is on for Sunday's Wrestlemania. It is also announced that it will be a three stages of hell match with special matches. The first being a Hell in a Cell match, the second a Submission match, and the third a casket match to signify the death of one of their careers.

Thursday March 28th. Sting is talking to Hogan about the match backstage when the lights go out. Hogan is gone and Undertaker choke slams Sting. He does his finger crossing the throat thing and rolls his eyes back.

Friday March 29th. Undertaker comes out with a tombstone in the ring that reads Sting's career. 1987-2011. Sting comes out and Scorpion Death Drops Taker onto the tombstone. He mimmicks undertakers end is near signature and leaves the ring.

Wrestlemania 27. Sting and Undertaker make their entrances and stare each other down as the cage is lowered down onto them. They start off and Sting drives Undertaker into the wall and repeatedly hits him in the back legs and head with his baseball bat that he hid under the ring. He then locks in the Scorpion Death Lock and Undertaker taps. Sting wins round one.

Round two Undertaker tombstones Sting. Sting kicks out. He goes for another tombstone but Sting escapes and goes for the baseball bat again. Undertaker knocks it out of his hands but Sting takes the advantage and tries to lock in the Scorpion Death Lock but Undertaker grabs the bat, hits Sting's knees with it and locks in Hell's gates with the baseball bat in the middle, adding extra pressure to Sting's throat, forcing him to tap.

Round Three. After many signature moves and 2 tombstones. Undertaker hits a third and tries to roll him into the casket but Sting pulls him in also. Sting manages to climb out while Undertaker is still inside and shuts the door. Only to have Undertaker sit up and stick his hand up to stop the casket door. Sting then goes to hit him with the bat. Undertaker ducks, hits him with another tombstone onto the floor and picks him up and puts him in the casket and shuts the door. The casket is rolled off as Undertaker celebrates himself being 19-0.


~The Awesomeness that is Ben Gartland has Spoken.