"Cody", Episode 4, "It's My Time"

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2010

Before I start, I must warn you that this episode of "Cody" is a little more dramatic than comedy, even though it is tagged as humor. Please enjoy nonetheless!

It's Wrestlemania Sunday. Sweat is pouring from his pores. Breathing speeds up. Fingers tingling. Boots shaking. Cody awaits as Randy, Ted & Santino drive up to the arena parking lot. Willis is jamming out to "In Da Club" by 50 Cent. Totally random.

Willis: Go Shawty, it's your birthday...

Cody: *mumbles* Hush, Willis!

Willis: What?! I can't hear you!

Cody: *sigh*

As the car parks, and the daunting trio comes walking up, Cody is filled with fear and nausea from Santino's fashion choices.

Randy: Cody.

Cody: Randy.

Randy: *stares intently, coldly and motions to Ted*

Ted: See you inside.....BUDDY. *slaps back hard*

Once inside, Cody came into the "Legacy"dressing room/locker room area with Willis giving him instructions.

Willis: Is Randy in there?

Cody: *looks around* Nope.

Willis: Go talk to Ted.

Cody: *walks over* Heya Ted.

Ted: Oh, hey.

Willis: Repeat after me.

Willis: *speaks*

Cody: You know how this is our 1st WrestleMania right?

Ted: Ya...

Willis: *speaks*

Cody: Randy's been in 6 WrestleManias already! I think we should have our moment! It's our time!

Ted: We talked about this in the meeting. The creative team said that Randy was gonna win & Vince already approved it.

Willis: *speaks*

Cody: Wow, really? You're just gonna be a push-over for the creative team?

Ted: Um, ya, cuz they're the creative team!

Willis: *yells*


Willis: Crap, sorry, I was thinking of ordering a pizza.

Ted: What?

Cody: Um, I meant to say is come over here! Here's what were gonna do. *whispers*

So after ShowMiz won their match, the boys got their cue that their match was up next. Cody motioned to Ted and Ted motioned back. Randy came up and talked to the both of them.

Randy: You guys have to the chance to become immortal. You guys are at WrestleMania! How's it feel?

Cody & Ted: Good.

Randy: There's your cue! Get out there! *gives slight push*

As Legacy's music hits...Cody's world slows down as he walks down the ramp. He sees all the people and is in awe. He finally reaches the ramp with what seemed to be a lifetime. Finally the match is over and Cody is down and out. With that punt to the head, he was seeing Thessiens and was walking back to the locker room.

Cody: *holding head* Uggghhhh...

Ted: You ok, Codster?

Cody: What does it look like Ted?

Ted: I don't know. I just wanted to say that it was really cool working with you these past years. I hope we can still be friends.

Cody: Whatever dude. With the way you guys treated me, you're lucky you're still even my friend. *walks away*

Ted: *shakes head and sighs*

After that fateful meeting, the two never saw eachother (except for SuperShows) or traveled together ever again. Cody was on his own, well not really because Willis was with him. Cody was one of the new guys in town (aka SmackDown!).

Willis: This is great Cody! A new life and a new career starts here!

Cody: That's great but I miss my friends.

Willis: For the last f**king time, they WERE NOT your friends!!

Cody: *sigh* Let's just get into the locker room, ok?

He finally finds his locker room but he finds out he has a roommate and abruptly bumps into him.

Goldust: *bumps* Oh Cody. Um, are you my roommate?

Cody: *rolls eyes, sighs, and crosses arms* I guess so.

Goldust: Oh c'mon Cody! It'll be just like old times! *nudges*

Cody: *moves away* What old times? THERE WERE NO OLD TIMES!

Goldust: I know I wasn't really home much, but...

Cody: It seems like no one was home! Only MY mom was home! Our stupid father was never there! And neither were you!

Goldust: Code, dad was there when he could. You know he was working with WCW back then!

Cody: Whatever. *drops bags and walks out*

Willis: Um, are you ok?

Cody: Ya i'm fine.

Willis: That's good cuz i was starting to worr...*voice trails off*

Cody: Willis?

Willis: *stammers* I, I, I, I think I have to change my underwear.

Cody: What? Why?

It's because in the distance, both of them see Kelly Kelly stretching, drinking water, and sweating (A LOT).

Cody: Wow. *stares*

Willis: It's like my life finally has meaning. *stares*

Cody: I love God. *stares*

Willis: Amen. *stares*

Both of the boys see Kelly coming their way, and act casual (well, they try.)

Kelly: Hi Cody. I didn't know you were coming to SmackDown!

Cody: Ya, here I am! Hehe, at SmackDown!

Kelly: It's really nice to see a familiar face.

Cody: You too! Hehehehe.

Kelly: Has anyone told you have pretty eyes?

Cody: Um, um, um,

Kelly: *giggles* I'll see you around, ok? *walks off*

Cody: Ya for sure!

Willis: She's like an angel's spawn. She's everything a voice could want. She's perfect!

Cody: Not to mention....TOTALLY OUT OF OUR LEAGUE!


Cody: Ahem.

Willis: Haha, that's right, "ours".

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