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TNA is getting ready for an invasion. No I don't mean the ECW guys, but the real invasion by THEY. Those that summoned Abyss to do their dirty work until they arrived in TNA.

This may sound like wishful thinking here, bleacher creatures, but, indulge me for a moment. It is possible that the ultimate invasion, the true invasion, involves a completely different company. RING OF HONOR!

After Abyss' THEY turned out NOT to be the ECW guys, the thought on everyone's minds are, Who are THEY? Well, could THEY be a possible ROH invasion?

Think about it. Before TNA got all WCW'd up it actually was a really good startup promotion. They would put on quality matches and have some of the best indy wrestlers on the market. With that, they built relationships with several indy promotions, as well as ROH. They would have some of the ROH's top stars on their programs, like Austin Aries, and Roderick Strong. Meanwhile they would take some of ROH's best like AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, and Samoa Joe.

They would use this relationship to trade stars until 2004 when TNA withdrew all their contracted wrestlers from ROH. That time is long gone now.

Cut to 2010. Now a stronger company, TNA is going after the powerhouse that is WWE, and losing. They took a huge hit moving to and from Monday nights. They need to do some desperate moves to bring a buzz back to its programs. Their Impacts have been great lately with the buzz of Abyss' THEY, the ECW guys showing up, and Flair looking to add to his group. TNA is making their Impact's enjoyable again. But, they need that one thing, to put them over the hurdle that is the 1.2 rating.

So, how do you go after a company like WWE? How do you bring an invasion in, that isn't the same crap we've seen over and over again? Easy, you make a real invasion. You make an invasion with a rival company, the same way WWF did with ECW back in the days. You give the fans a swerve.

We all think it's about ECW and Tommy Dreamer and blah blah and bash TNA left and right and what does TNA do, hit us right back with ROH. That is what they should do or is it what they ARE doing?

How would this story line go then? We start off with the man that made this all happen. The man who made Abyss pave the way. We start off with...

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