NXT Voting Is Open: Predictions on Who Is Eliminated Next

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJuly 21, 2010

The NXT voting for the second elimination has opened up today, and we now have seven participants to choose from.

The last elimination saw us saying good bye to Titus O’Neil—someone I was actually pulling for in the competition. I thought his size, look, and smarts would be a fine addition to the WWE universe.

With only seven hopefuls remaining, it's almost hard to decide which one should be the next to be eliminated.

The majority of them show great potential or have a good look about them that would fit well into either of the current rosters.

Here are my picks on how the ranking will go. I will put it in the same order NXT does with the most popular wrestler at the top and the most likely to be eliminated on the bottom.



He has some great moves in the ring as he has the most experience performing in front of a crowd.

He was a part of ROH and he was also in TNA as Senshi, where he became the X-Division champion. He’s getting good pops from the crowd, and of course the Internet community loves him because of his past.


Michael McGillicuty

The son of Mr. Perfect has really been putting on a good show with the same skills and attitude that his father carried around (if we could only get him to spit the gum in the air and swat it with his hand).

He has the look of an Intercontinental champion. I think he’ll jump up one spot this week taking second place. I know he’s earned immunity, but he’ll still get votes.


Showtime Percy Watson

Percy is going to drop a slot this week, his in-ring work is okay, but the guy can’t win a match.

I realize someone has to be the jobber of the show, and maybe they feel his personality and speaking skills will keep him above water until it comes down to maybe the final four.

I think his talk show spot will definitely help keep him in the top three.


Lucky Cannon

Lucky is the pretty boy of the group.

He looks like the perfect tag team person, but I'm not sure he’d be a big solo break out star.

But put him with Zac Ryder, get Ryder to loose that headband, and they can get something going in the tag division.


Alex Riley

I like Alex; he’s a good heel; he’s got a good look and attitude, but there’s just something about him.

Riley's too "Mizzy".

I think his pro is rubbing off on him a bit too much. And lose the varsity jacket, unless you're going to go full boar with it and become the high school bully and pick on nerds.

Otherwise, it's just stupid.


Husky Harris

He’s going to lose this competition because of his attitude, not his skills.

He’s cocky, and he hasn’t done anything to earn the right to be cocky. His dad was IRS, which doesn’t mean a lot to fans.

It was a tough call who would be last this week, Husky is going to be very close, but I’m going with someone else as dead last.


Eli Cottonwood

I’m not sure how Eli beat out Titus for being eliminated first, but there is no way he’s surviving any further.

His ring work is crappy; he’s terrible on the mic; he’s God-ugly; he makes a sour face constantly, and he bombed everything in each competition.

He’s like a mix between Andrew W.K., Kevin Nash, and Jo Jo the idiot circus boy.

Get out Eli, you’re an easy elimination.