Is a Hypocritical Anderson Silva Too Worked Up to Defeat Chael Sonnen?

Brandon HinchmanCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2010

When covering human psychology to any detailed extent, one learns that anger is never an immediate reaction to any situation; instead, it's a response to an immediate of reaction of fear, physical pain or emotional hurt.

That being said, how should we view Anderson Silva's response to Chael Sonnen's comments?

In a recent interview , Silva responded to Sonnen's verbal attacks by saying, "Once again, he’s saying crap. What he’s saying is disrespecting me, he’s disrespecting me and all opponents I’ve faced. "

Silva is obviously emotionally invested in this fight. He's been called a bully and a fight-dodger by Sonnen, and Silva seems determined to set the record of claims straight.

But one must ask, where was this fire-in-the-belly, "I'm going to defend all fighters I've faced" attitude when it came to Silva disrespecting Demian Maia during their recent fight?

Nobody can ignore the utter hypocrisy that Silva is spewing. How could he condemn Sonnen for the very actions he's guilty of without being hypocritical? Despite the hypocrisy, Silva is still angry.

And it seems that Sonnen has had Silva upset for some time now. By saying, "Once again..." Silva is acknowledging Sonnen's prior statements, which obviously have had some kind of emotional effect on him for that sort of emotional recollection.

Sonnen may actually hold more of an advantage by shaking the Spider's jar since a cool, calm and collected Silva is a fighter that cannot be out-techniqued, so-to-speak. Sonnen has done what Dan Hardy tried to do to Georges St. Pierre, but Sonnen has been successful in getting an emotional response.

Whereas St. Pierre was classy enough to admit he didn't know how to trash talk, Silva seems to be banking on the fact that he's the superior fighter and selling the fact that he's going to give the best performance he can.

Silva more recently stated , "As far as all the trash that he's talking when both of us are inside the Octagon, he's going to have an opportunity to make good on all the things he's saying," and "There are idiotic things coming out of his mouth.

Sonnen certainly seems to have riled the Spider, but is it enough to actually do damage? Who knows..... But Sonnen has a point in saying , "I've got a silver medal from the world championships in 2001 that says he can't stop me from taking him down."

It'll be interesting to see, but one things is for sure: Silva seems more emotional than ever going into a match.

The last time we saw Silva fight emotionally, it was against Maia and he performed rather poorly, running around and merely using taunts.

Since he's not allowed to do that anymore, it'll be interesting to see the restrained, tempered Silva fight his emotions and Sonnen at the same time. Will he spread himself thin doing both? Only time will tell.