Why Tebow Will Win the Heisman

Eric DormanAnalyst INovember 28, 2007










Tim Tebow has been a great quaterback for the Florida Gators and since he has been their, Tebow has become a hotly contestant for the Heisman Trophy this year. Now with Tebow's amazing bulldozzing streanth and his great arm, there is no question, Tim Tebow is the real deal and he deserves every vote in the Heisman Trophy Election. Now  one of the greatiest columists I have had a chance to almost meet was Gainesville Sun's Columist Pat Dooley and having reading his works it he thinks that Tebow is the quarterback to win the Heisman and I completely agree with him. What a giffted athelete Tim is and I am glad he came to Florida and didn't decide to go to LSU.