Clarence Seedorf Gets Best Player Award

XXX XXXSenior Writer IJuly 29, 2008

What a nice way to start the 2008/09 season for Clarence Seedorf.

First, Seedorf got to keep his hard-earned Number 10, and now he was even selected as the "Best Player of the Team" in a tournament. Seedorf scored two goals against Juventus during the first match which ended 2-2. The match was decided on penalties, and the final result was 4-6 for Rossonerri.

Seedorf declared, "It went well. All teams are doing the preparations for the new season so it's not easy to be physically in shape right away, you need at least 10 minutes. But, four goals in 45 minutes is a good average."

FC Juventus 4-6 AC Milan

FC Juventus 1-0 FC Inter

AC Milan 4-3 FC Inter


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