Catching Up on NBA and Virtus Bologna

Busta BucketCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2010

Increased work load and decreased internet access is blog poison. This is me trying to catch up:

  • I know absolutely nothing about new Portland GM Rich Cho that you don't already. We should stop all the weak attempts to make fun of his name. "Cho Mama!" is not the new "Pritchslap!" However, I would like you to disregard what I wrote a sentence or so ago and announce that I will be referring to this man as "Cho Nuff" frequently, unless he sucks, in which case I have something else in mind. (His first name is Richard. So easy.) Cho Nuff is, of course, a reference to The Last Dragon , a film widely regarded as the best thing in history.
  • The Koponen Watch haters will appreciate how I will go out of my way to relate things to The Finnagler. First, Cho Nuff went on a trip to Helsinki , which is in Finland , which is where Petteri Koponen lives. Then, Virtus Bologna of the Italian League offered Patty Mills a contract . Virtus Bologna is the team currently refusing to let Petteri Koponen leave for better opportunities. If Mills accepts, would Virtus Bologna be more likely to let Koponen walk? Not really. There is enough interest in Koponen to not let him go for free. And there probably isn't enough interest for a team to pry him out of his current contract. Sweet spot.