Cujo Loyalty: Curtis Joseph Should Excel as Maple Leaf Once Again

Darcy FullerCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

I'm sure everyone is wondering why the Leafs made the move earlier this month for a 41-year-old past his prime in "Cujo"—Curtis Joseph.

Well, it goes a little something like this: 10 Years ago, a 31-year-old goaltender came and swept Leaf Nation off its feet. The hype was true—he was a phenomenal talent that deserved a bit more than the Leafs gave him. While lacking the scoring touch in the playoffs for four consecutive years, Cujo was the last bit of light going into a dark-tunnelled playoff run. He provided the most prestige goaltending had seen in awhile, managing to compile eight postseason shutouts in his stint with the Leafs.

Toronto has always lacked quality goaltending and have now found it with Vesa Toskala. The Leafs game plan to help Toskala was simple: Bring Back Cujo. Joseph's heart has always been in Toronto. With that in mind, the Leafs know he will give 120 percent. He brings his leadership quality and all his experience to the table.

Now, I know Cujo will never be young again or flash the talent he had was when he was younger...but hes smarter now, which came with age. He will backstop Toskala and accept his position as No. 2, but believe me when I say this: To him, his career is just starting again now that he is back in Toronto.

You will see a energized Joseph as he will be welcomed home. The spark of the light he once was will not be put out quite yet. He's back and ready for round three!