Bleeding Blue and White: Kovy...UFA Again, Kaberle Talks Getting 'Wild'

Cale LoneyCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2010

TORONTO - SEPTEMBER 29:  A costumed fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs looks on during the NHL preseason game between the St.Louis Blues and the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Air Canada Centre on September 29, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Leafs defeated the Blues 4-3 in shootout overtime. (Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)
Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Hello, and welcome to Bleeding Blue and White . The purpose of this article is to review the latest news, moves and rumours in Leafs Nation, and to do it in an in-depth way.

According to last weeks poll, 54.8 percent of you think that the Leafs roster is almost good enough to start the season. Well, who am I to say that you're wrong? So let us look and see what this week has in store for Leafs Nation.

Let July 20 be the day that Leafs Nation (and the rest of the NHL) were ALMOST freed from the oppressive rule of Russian Tsar, Ilya Kovalchuk. His majesty came to a regal decision Monday to sign with the New Jersey Devils for a 17 year, $102 million contract. 

In signing this contract, Mr. Kovalchuk officially re-opened the free agency season for the other hundred or so free agents also looking for jobs. That was until Gary Bettman decided to put an "not entirely backed by the actual CBA" axe to the contract.

A blink of an eye after our alleged freedom, the Philadelphia Flyers and the Tampa Bay lightning sealed the deal on a trade that will see Simon Gagne join the Bolts and see depth Dman Matt Walker and a fourth rounder go to the Flyers.

The Flyers parted with Gagne for very little in return which cause me to wonder why the Leafs weren't involved. The only logical conclusion is that the offers for Tomas Kaberle must have significantly increased in quality.

Speaking of offers for Tomas, the Minnesota Wild are joining the Sharks, Ducks, Bruins, and Caps in trade talks for Kaberle. What the return would be is still questionable but Cal Clutterbuck would be a certain addition.Beyond Clutterbuck it is hard to see how this deal could happen as the Wild don't appear to have the additional pieces to facilitate a deal.

Ultimately, it looks like with the new Kovalchuk vs. NHL scandal underway, the Kaberle trade along with the other hundred or so free agents will have to wait for the outcome of the Tsar vs. Commissioner Bonaparte. 

If history means anything, Bonaparte tends to get his way.