America's 10 Favorite Sports Stars

Ronald MonestimeCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2010

With five World Series Championships, eleven All-Star appearances and, arguably, the most clean cut image in professional sports today under his belt, it’s not difficult to see why New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter is viewed as the most marketable player in Major League Baseball according to a survey of baseball media, corporate brand managers and marketing executives. And when baseball fans and sports fans alike were invited to weigh in on the subject, the results for Jeter were equally impressive.

According to a Harris Interactive poll of 2,227 adults surveyed online between June 14 and June 21, 2010, Jeter is America’s third Favorite Sports Star and the country’s Favorite MLB Star. The four-time Gold Glove Award winner moved up two spots from the fifth position he held last year and was the only baseball player to appear in the top ten of America’s Favorite Sports Stars.

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