Joe Paterno—Should He or Shouldn't He?

Derek MahaffeyCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2016

In 2007, Joe Paterno turned 81 years old.

Many Penn State fans believe that he should hand over the reigns to somebody who is younger and more suited to be a more involved coach. Many other Penn State fans believe he should be allowed to stay as long as he wants to make the Nittany Lions a contender in the National Title hunt every year. Well, every year until 1999.

Others, who are not Penn State fans, pretty much don't care. 

It is my opinion that he should be allowed to stay until he feels he should leave, or he dies. He has led Penn State to five undefeated seasons, two national titles, and two conference titles. He has also raised millions of dollars, along with donating millions more from his own pocket, toward the benefit of Penn State University, not the athletic teams.

With all the good Joe does for being at the university, it makes sense to keep him there as long as he is willing and able.