Cory Vaughn Leading Cyclones in Power, Mets Have a Star at Double AA

Keith BennettCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2010

Cory Vaughn has a dream to play in MLB like his dad. His dad is former major leaguer, Greg Vaughn, and cousin of former Mets player Mo Vaughn.

The former San Diego State outfielder was picked in the fourth round in the 2010 MLB draft by the Mets. Vaughn is now batting .291 in the season, with an outstanding .590 slugging percentage. Cory Vaughn is leading the NYPL in home runs with nine. He has 27 RBI with six SB in 31 games.

Vaughn also has a seven-game hitting streak to go with the power numbers. Cory's size (6`3", 230) reminds you of his dad Greg Vaughn, truly a fear hitter. Having Tony Gwynn as a coach at San Diego State did Vaughn a lot of justice.

With Beltran being a free agent next season, and Bay and Frenchy not showing no power at all, Cory Vaughn has a good future with the Mets at only 21 years old. The Mets need new young blood and it's in Brooklyn.