Nexus- Heel Stable; You're Doing It Wrong

Point ManContributor IJuly 20, 2010

Hello IWC,

This is my introduction article and it concerns the Nexus.

After watching NXT last week, I was not impressed by Nexus' contribution. I like the idea of an invasion heel stable, but simply put, WWE creative management, you're doing it wrong.

Let me get to my point.

Nexus must stop cheating. The fact that the Nexus is using underhanded tactics in everything they do makes for a redundant and predictable sideshow. Nobody wants to watch it.

We are not supposed to like them; Yeah, we get that, but having them do the same predictable thing at every event undermines their potential as the next big thing.

I have a little experience in the marketing field so here are a few tips: the Nexus would really gain heat and be despised if they could actually win against WWE wrestlers in a singles/tag-team/special match (with no interference). Let's face it, a great heel is one whom you don't like, talks smack and wins just to come back and rub in everyone's face.

It's time to solidify these guys instead of continuing with cheap thrills.

Stop with the ring posing, standing in a straight line—side by side. They're not in the military. Have the Nexus display their individual personalities during a promo in the squared circle: move around, be active, amped, brooding, mysterious, uninterested, something—as long as they are not mimicking each other.

Tarver & Sheffield have been spotlighted lately when they attack as a group. In that case, I would like to see these two develop a finisher of sorts because the clothesline wont do it. This would be pleasing to the fans, including myself.
New becomes old over time. So WWE, don't strip away these guys' chances of being wrestlers for the sake of  "entertainment."

That's barely entertaining.

Let them wrestle. I know they can.

Each of them has been training elsewhere before they came to the WWE. You brought them on board, we wanna see why, ASAP.

That's my point.