Thanks Mike! Thanks a lot.

Not ValidCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

Thanks to Mike's departure I finally watched the whole hour of ECW. This I did without the FF button on the DVR. The team of TAZZ and Todd-pole was very enjoyable. I guess by this time you must know I don't like Mike. There is a difference in a wrestling fans feelings about the on air personalities. Love or hating a performer is good box office. Mike is just a non personality. O.K., enough said about M. A. Let's get down to ECW.

I was quite impressed with the new generation coming up to superstar status through ECW. There is some truly extreme young wrestlers on this show. Ortiz put up some incredible shows of power. "AIR" Bourne is a fine example of what I wanted in earlier articles. I'm sure Colin Delaney will develop too. Probably about the same time his voice changes. By the way Teddy, if this kid insist on keeping the straps down on his singlet, show him to the tanning bed.

This show is starting to find it's niche. Developing new talent for the top spots on the roster is the new ECW. I still think the top title should be a "hardcore" title and I'll keep saying that until the bandwagon gets moving. Thank you Teddy, your doing a great job. Now if we could just pull the Mike on Raw I'd be like a spoiled kid getting his way.