College Football: 10 Teams Who Get More TV Exposure Than They Deserve

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College Football: 10 Teams Who Get More TV Exposure Than They Deserve

With college football season just a little over a month away, it reminds us that we need to start writing out our grocery lists to make sure that the fridge is fully stocked for those big games on Saturday afternoons.

We will sit in front of our televisions, with good friends in tow, and we'll watch our favorite teams or our favorite rivalries. It's what college football season is all about.

It's about good football, it's about wins, it's about losses, and we have so many games to choose from on any given weekend that it's hard to decide which one we want to pick and stay with.

We drive our friends, and sometimes our spouses, crazy with flipping from one game to another while one is at commercial. The more football we can get the better, right?

Well, for some teams, they are featured on television a tad bit too much. Over the last few seasons, it seems they haven't shown much for as much national exposure they've received.

Sure, some have the networks all to themselves and sure, some of that is thanks to a big alumni base, but the fact that the rest of us have to be subjected to it is downright cruel.

So here's the list of 10 teams that need to have their television time backed down.

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