Another Home Loss

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Another Home Loss
Sorry for giving you the credit I gave you United; I truly expected a win tonight and after the goal in the first half, the second half started strong. Julius, don’t hate yourself for that handball, you were the only person playing defense at that point which is sad. United is NOT this kind of team. I never thought I would turn against Onalfo but I really think he needs to be sacked after this. He has constantly been positive but there’s really no reason to be. This team is crap and it’s because of his coaching! Jaime has constantly played well but is old, his age isn’t the reason he’s not producing on the field, it’s the motivation of the rest of the team to support and the team’s push for anything! I’m completely frustrated after this loss. If United can beat AC Milan why can’t they beat LA Galaxy?! I’m sorry but this season I’ve stayed positive and hoped that we could pull through to make playoffs and bow out of the post season admirably but it seems that we can’t even slightly miss the playoffs with this kind of production. A lot of people will say that it’s the players but I can tell you that it is not the players. They are obviously skilled but they don’t have a system they believe in because of lack of results. I’m going to stop this update because it’s going to turn into a bashing of the front office and the rest of the coaching staff (sorry Ben but that does include you). This is a team that can do better but won’t because of the motivation they are given. I certainly hope it can be turned around soon, otherwise there will be less and less fans wanting to keep the team in D.C. and the team will move to somewhere else.

Special thanks goes out to Edson Buddle, Santino Quaranta, and Andy Najar! They came over to sign kids’ kits after the match and were VERY friendly and kind. Edson, you are a class act, seeing me wearing all DC colors including on my face you came and signed the kids’ LA kits when I asked and were an amazing sport. Andy, I’m very glad to see the tribute you gave to the DC fans. Most players don’t do that and you were still signing autographs well after I left (I know because I was told by a few people). Santino, you are always a great friend of the fans and we all love you for it. We hope to see you keep up the great work ethic you have and to keep up the support you give to everyone that supports you. I almost forgot about Bill Hamid. Bill, I love seeing you out and about with the fans. You’re a real class act and I’ve thought that since meeting you last season at the team meet and greet. I love that you put pressure on Troy to bring his top form every match.

Great to see Talley back on the pitch. Unfortunately it was at the expense of Dejan.

Yes, DC Fans, I did give thanks to Edson. He is a real nice guy and I was highly impressed by him. Landon Donovan came to sign autographs as well but was his normal dick self about it. The kids that called for him were left alone and the people that he did sign for were few and far between. I really hope something bad happens to this man so he can be humbled and realize his shit does stink like the rest of us.
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