Raw Follows Up Strong To The Money In The Bank PPV

Ron Johnson@ron_johnson7Contributor IJuly 19, 2010

Probably one of the best Raw's in 2010. 

Great start, triple threat with Edge, Jericho, and Orton.  Of course Orton wins because can't have two heels in a championship match.

Sheamus came and out and had a great segment with the Miz, and the crowd finally has started to get a "face" reaction from the crowd.  Evan Bourne lost against Sheamus, followed by the Miz jumping the Celtic Warrior and "cashing in" the Money in the Bank, only to have R-Truth come in and ruin his chances.  

Luckily, the bell never rang and The Miz still can cash in the Money in the Bank in the future.

The ending had to have caught everyone by surprise.

A super team has been created to face the Nexus at SummerSlam including John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, R-Truth, the Great Khali, and the "Hitman" Bret Hart. 

Monday night ended with this super team chasing the Nexus into the crowd.

A huge turn for the WWE.  Edge and Jericho are faces again.  The Great Khali is now suddenly a big time superstar, and John Morrison and R-Truth are reunited.  

I was really hoping to see the Game come out, but after having surgery lately, that hope was very minimal.

Overall, Randy Orton against Sheamus and Cena's Team vs. the Nexus, SummerSlam's card has been set early and makes it a must see early in this PPV period.  

Could WWE finally be making a come back and exciting the traditional fans? I surely think so after the Money in the Bank PPV and this week's Raw.