WWE Money in the Bank Review: Bank on It

Tom CuthbertsonContributor IJuly 19, 2010

With the recent Over the Limit and Fatal 4-Way PPVs ending up being unspectacular, we had little reason to think that Money in the Bank, WWE's third new PPV outing this year, would be any different. What we got, however, was a pleasant surprise: an entertaining and fairly well-booked show that hopefully should instill confidence in WWE's current product.


Smackdown Money in the Bank Match—Big Show VS Christian VS Cody Rhodes VS Dolph Ziggler VS Drew McIntyre VS Kane VS Kofi Kingston VS Matt Hardy

Watching this match live, it seemed like it went on a little too long. The actual time for the match was over 25 minutes, far eclipsing the length of the past MITB ladder matches. The match had a few slow portions, most of which involved Big Show and his custom ladder, but the real stars of this match had to be Matt Hardy and Christian, who had a lot back-and-forth action during the match.

Other highlights included Kingston Boom Dropping McIntyre through the announcer's table and Big Show being buried under a heap of ladders. The end came when Kane unhooked the briefcase to win the match. It wasn't the best MITB ladder match I've seen, but it was a quality match.

Score: 6/10


Divas Championship Match—Alicia Fox VS Eve Torres

They tried, but Alicia and Eve couldn't make this a noteworthy match. It did get nearly six minutes, but it was predictable and mostly boring.

Score: 3/10


Unified Tag-Team Championship Match—Hart Dynasty VS The Usos

There wasn't a lot of interest in this match, and it came across as somewhat of a filler match. There was little to no difference between this and their matches on Raw. It was also around six minutes. This match had its moments, but on the whole, it was not a Tag Team title match worthy of being on PPV.

Score: 5/10


World Heavyweight Championship Match—Rey Mysterio VS Jack Swagger

Apart from the awkwardness of Mysterio pulling out his high speed offence while trying to sell his ankle injury, this was a pretty darn good match, which was to be expected from these two. They brought up the name of Eddie Guerrero again by having Rey use one of his vintage tricks; this seemed not distasteful, but highly unnecessary. It didn't hurt the quality of the match, however.

After the match, Kane chased off Jack Swagger and returned to cash in the MITB briefcase. Kane now holds a World Championship for the first time in over 10 years and is the first man to hold the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, and ECW Championship.

Score: 7/10


Women's Championship Match—Layla El VS Kelly Kelly

Think Alicia/Eve, except half the length and half as entertaining.

Score: 2/10


Raw Money in the Bank Match—Edge VS Randy Orton VS Chris Jericho VS The Miz VS Evan Bourne VS Ted Dibiase Jr VS John Morrison VS Mark Henry

This, to me, was the superior MITB ladder match. The expectations were high considering the names, but they managed to deliver. With the exception of Mark Henry, everyone had something to do in this match. There was a lack of big spots, but the match overall was more entertaining.

The Miz picks up the briefcase and provides a mark-out moment for all the Miz-fits out there (including myself).

Score: 8/10


WWE Championship Match—Sheamus VS John Cena

The main event was a lengthy but average cage match.

It was by no means bad, quite enjoyable in truth, but with the time they had (20+ minutes) they could have done a lot more. This wasn't as good as the Edge/Jericho cage match a few months back.

It picked up towards the end before the Nexus arrived and tried to enter the cage. The last two to three minutes actually made for an exciting finish, which saw Cena try to climb over one side of the cage only to be stopped by Nexus, while Sheamus climbed over the other side and escaped into the crowd. After the match, Cena attacked Tarver and Young.

Score: 7/10


Final Analysis

In my opinion, this is possibly the most entertaining WWE PPV of 2010 thus far, bar Wrestlemania and, perhaps, Extreme Rules.

Entertainment content: B

Wrestling content: C

Card strength: C

Booking/Execution: B

Value for money: A

Overall Score: 7.5/10 (B+)