Tips For Success: Fantasy Football Edition

Aron Yohannes@AronYohannesContributor IJuly 19, 2010

Do you remember the first time you entered a Fantasy Football league? The anticipation you had just waiting for your League Draft to kick off? Despite the fact that you knew this team wasn't real, you just couldn't wait to select your team.

Now of course, some of us (including myself) still get this rush every time we draft. But for some, they are clueless as to what expect. Thus, I have created this article to help out our Fantasy Football Rookies.


First off, don't get too excited, it's just a draft. Your draft only comes once a year, so make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. You MUST remember that wherever your team is randomly selected to draft, it doesn't play the determining factor whether your going to win your league or not.

It's all about how well you scout your opponents based on your matchups, along with whether or not you frequently check your league for transactions, and of course your draft. Here are some more tips in helping you build a dynamic team that will help you win your fantasy football league:

*Note: These tips are in no particular order.


Get your Running Backs FAST.

Running backs are probably the biggest concern for many team owners, as many seem to rush immediately into drafting the quarterbacks or receivers. Running backs are considered the most reliable point givers in Fantasy Football. However, the good ones are are limited.

The best and most consistent running backs are always found withing the first two rounds.  After those two rounds, there are usually only guys who have huge concerns or guys that carry extra weight onto your team. Those guys include players like: Marshawn Lynch, Ronnie Brown, Brandon Jacobs, Joseph Addai, or Thomas Jones.   


No Peyton, Brees, or Brady? No Problem.

A lot of players panic once they see Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees off the board early. Don't get intimidated. After those very few top guys get claimed off the board, quarterbacks aren't usually taken again until rounds 4, 5, or 6.You can EASILY find above average talent at the position in the later rounds with Pro Bowl players like: Matt Schaub, Donovan McNabb, Philip Rivers, and Tony Romo.  

You'll be laughing when you see which quarterbacks aren't even drafted. (*cough *cough, Carson Palmer)


Free Agency will become your favorite investment.

I love free agency, especially around Training Camp. Free Agency lets you add players that went undrafted but will help big time during the season. If you see somebody who you think will emerge during the season, POUNCE ON THEM! Don't wait, or else somebody else will take him. 

It's best used when players on your current roster get injured or benched. You can find many hot players on free agency during the season, even players you have never heard of. Some might be hot only for a few weeks but you still need to jump on that talent somebody else does.


You don't have to always listen to the experts.

Yes they are excellent, and they do get paid for letting us know their knowledge about FF, but they don't know everything. Draft who you want, no matter what somebody else says about it. This isn't a real NFL Draft where everyone needs to influence your call before you make it.

Do what you feel is best.


Pay attention to Bye weeks.

This is probably one of the more frequent problems in Fantasy Football. A lot of times when we draft players we pay no attention to their bye week.

For some, many of their players have similar bye weeks that can cost you a huge game come playoff time.

This is another HUGE time where Free Agents can come in for a week or so to help smooth out your lineup for a bit. You definitely don't want three or more of your players with the same bye week, especially if they are your star players.


If your not gonna check your team on a weekly basis, don't make one.

I'm going to stress the fact that the people who actually pay attention to their teams and actually change their lineups are tired of playing people who don't. Even though its an easy win, it's not fair.

If you have limited computer access, don't make a team. It is a waste of time. 

For some of us, we just don't prefer to play teams with players that are injured, suspended, or on a bye week. It's too easy.

Well, that's all the tips that I am gonna provide for today, if you feel you have more tips you want to add to this topic feel free to post a comment!