Vince McMahon: “The Miz Is the Future Of RAW”

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIJuly 19, 2010

It looks like Force Of Wrestling owner Alfonso Marimon and World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon have one thing in common after all. They both noticed the striking similarities between the rise of former WWE Champion John Cena ‘s career, to the rise of last night’s WWE RAW Money In The Bank winner The Miz as they are almost mirror images of each other.

That being said, WrestleZone ‘s own,  Nick Paglino, is reporting  that Michael Cole ‘s comment last night during the WWE RAW Money In The Bank ladder match where he stated that WWE Superstar The Miz “is the future of RAW ” was a direct quote from the boss himself, Vincent Kennedy McMahon . This will be one of the catch phrases World Wrestling Entertainment is going to use to help build around The Miz , reminding us all week and week out that “The Chick Magnet” is truly the future of Monday Night RAW .

Paglino, goes on with his report by stating that Mr. McMahon notes that “The Awesome One” is a reliable work horse and is making most of his push by doing as many media days and corporate appearances as possible, something that “The Cuban Sensation” noted on The Wrestling Fact , last Wednesday night where he also compared both of these WWE Superstars careers in and out of the ring, the similarities are bone chilling.

The Miz has made a strong campaign to be recognized as a “go-to guy” by the chairman, and his campaign has not gone unnoticed, he has now received the respect from the only guy he needs it from, and that's Vince McMahon . All of the hard work from his constant WWE  appearances in and out of the ring, his media sit downs and the willingness to devote so much time to the WWE will and has paid off for the former MTV reality star.

“The Man of 1000 Names”, Nick Pagling, spoke to an insider in World Wrestling Entertainment , which will remain anonymous, that this is the very same way that that “The Chain Gang Soldier” got over with Mr. McMahon.

“McMahon didn’t like Cena at first, but Cena just worked harder than anyone else and won him over with a tireless work ethic,” Paglino was told from the source close to the situation.” The Miz is doing the exact same thing.”

All the hard work The Miz has done since stepping in to the WWE appears to be paying off, and he has grown into his own, in front of the WWE Universe . From hosting a Divas Challenge, to becoming part of a successful tag team, to becoming a two-time WWE United States Champion , and now your WWE RAW Money In The Bank winner.

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