Florida Gators under NCAA Investigation

Jay HendryCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2010

The NCAA's (totally justified) inquisition rolls on, and the Gators may be the latest team to feel its wrath.

Reportedly, Maurkice Pouncey, the Gators' former standout center, accepted money from an agent prior to the Sugar Bowl last year.

Between the Alabama loss and the win over Cincinnati, Pouncey was given $100,000.

If true, Pouncey would have been ineligible for the bowl game, and the Gators may be forced to vacate the win.

As long as this is an isolated incident, Gators fans shouldn't be too alarmed.  The NCAA won't take the team to the guillotine for one major rules violation that only affected one game as long as the team plays nice.

The Gators are investigating the incident internally and barring a stupid USC–ish cover up or an equally stupid USC–ish finding that everyone was taking money, this will likely be swept away without any effect on the 2010 season.